All the allegations facing Russell Brand as nine women come forward

Grooming and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old, raping businesswoman in his LA home, and pestering a model for sex: All the allegations facing Russell Brand as up to nine women come forward accusing him of abusive and predatory behaviour

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Comedian and actor Russell Brand is facing a litany of allegations including rape and sexual assault against up to nine different women who have accused him of abusive and predatory behaviour.

The allegations, which date back to the early 2000s, pertain to incidents said to have taken place in both the UK and USA, with more women coming forward since publication with further claims against the controversial figure.

Brand has since been dropped by his managers Tavistock Wood, banned from making money on YouTube and cancelled the rest of his tour amid the allegations, as broadcasters including the BBC launch probes into his reported behaviour.

He has fiercely denied all the allegations against him, releasing a lengthy video on Friday to his 11 million Twitter followers in which he claims he has been ‘promiscuous’ but that all of his relationships have been ‘consensual’.

The revelations came in the release of a major investigation by The Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

The BBC, Channel 4 and Banijay UK, which bought Endemol, the company commissioned by Channel 4 to produce the Big Brother spin-off shows Brand hosted, have all launched investigations into his behaviour while he was working on their programmes. 

Meanwhile, the Times says it has received fresh claims from multiple women, and the Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation into a report of an alleged sexual assault in Soho, London, in 2003.

The allegations against Russell Brand, which date back to the early 2000s, pertain to incidents said to have taken place in both the UK and USA


Alice was shopping on Oxford Street aged 16 when Russell Brand, then 30, allegedly approached her outside TopShop, took her shopping bags from her and began critiquing the clothes inside.

She described how he picked out a dress and told her: ‘You’re going to wear this on our date this week’.

Recalling their three-month relationship, Alice and her mother both described Brand’s behaviour as ‘grooming’ and said her age, and the fact she was still at school, did not put him off.

He is said to have confirmed her age when they met, telling her he didn’t care if she was 12, but needed ‘to know where I stand legally’.

Alice said Brand referred to her as ‘the child’, asked her to read Lolita and even coached her on what to say to her parents about their relationship. He also concealed his number in his phone under the pseudonym Carly and even sent taxis to pick her up from school and bring her to his house.

She recalled that Brand became controlling, listing incidents including one where he instructed her to stay in a bath for an hour and a second when he removed his condom during sex without her knowing.

Towards the end of their relationship, she says he sexually assaulted her by forcing his penis down her throat: ‘I couldn’t breathe. It was just choking me and I couldn’t breathe.’

She said he only stopped when she punched him in the stomach, before subjecting her to further humiliation by drooling in her mouth before forcing her to swallow it.

Alice extricated herself from the relationship when she arrived at Brand’s house to find another woman already in his bed.


Nadia alleges Brand raped her against the wall of his home on July 1, 2012

Businesswoman Nadia met Brand at a party after he moved to Los Angeles, where he gave her his phone number and they proceeded to text and phone one another.

She told how she went to his house in June 2012, where they had consensual sex. She described him as ‘glazing over’ during sexual activity.

They met up a second time in the early hours of July 1, allegedly after he pleaded for her to come to his house.

Nadia said she walked into his house to find Brand running towards her, naked, and he told her ‘a friend’ was already in his bedroom for her to join.

She is said to have refused and attempted to get away from him, only to find herself pressed up against a wall underneath a painting by Brand.

Nadia says he then proceeded to rape her against the wall without a condom, despite her attempts to stop him.

After she managed to escape from his house, she received a text message from Brand in which he apologised and told her ‘I hope you can forgive me’.

Nadia was treated at a rape crisis centre later that day. 


In 2013, Phoebe, who was in her twenties, met Brand at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting before they began working together.

READ MORE: Met Police investigates sexual assault as woman comes forward to report alleged attack in Soho in 2003 – in the wake of Russell Brand sex scandal

She says they had a brief sexual relationship before it ended prior to an alleged attack by the comedian-turned-actor in LA.

Phoebe was working at Brand’s home when she realised another employee had left and she was on her own with him.

She alleges she was trapped in Brand’s bedroom when she realised he wanted to have sex with her. She was fully-clothed and believes he was either naked or only wearing underwear. 

Phoebe claims Brand ‘grabbed’ her and pinned her down on his bed before trying to remove her clothes and placing his hands down her underwear.

She said she screamed and attempted to fight him off, causing him to eventually relent. Brand allegedly began screaming at Phoebe and told her ‘you’re fired’ as she ran out of the house.

Although she returned to work in the aftermath, she claims Brand threatened her with legal action and so she did not officially make a complaint. 


Russell Brand pictured with his wife Laura Gallacher shortly before the allegations against him emerged

Lisa met Brand in 2008 when she was in her early twenties, and said she was invited to his house alongside a female friend of hers, and they went on to have a threesome.

She alleges that because their real names sounded similar to Holly and Jessica, Brand began talking about killer and paedophile Ian Huntley, who murdered two ten-year-olds in 2002.

Lisa claims that during sex Brand even made up a song about the killer.

After leaving his house, she kept in touch with Brand by phone and says he offered to give her an endorsement quote for a book she was writing.

She arrived at his home to finalise the quote with Brand, but when she arrived she found another woman she had never met before was also present.

Lisa said it was ‘clear I was there to have a threesome with him and this woman I’d never met’ and claims Brand became furious when she refused, before telling her she could not use any quote for her book.

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Around 15 years ago Esme met Brand at a party when she was in her mid-twenties. He is said to have offered her a lift back to London with his driver. 

Esme said she and Brand kissed and he asked her if she wanted to accompany him to her house.

She refused, but claims when the car stopped it was dark and they were outside Brand’s townhouse. She said she entered his house briefly before leaving.

Esme met up with Brand on a second occasion but alleges he became threatening and verbally abusive when she refused to have sex with him.

She added Brand told her: ‘Well what the f*** are you doing here then?’ 

Jordan Martin

Russell Brand and Jordan Martin during a trip to Hawaii in 2007, shortly before their relationship ended

After Brand had moved to the US and later returned to the UK, an ex-girlfriend of Brand, Jordan Martin, made the first public allegations against the comedian concerning his behaviour.

The couple were involved in a relationship for six months from February 2007, and Ms Martin described being sexually assaulted in a book published in 2014. 

She claims they were at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester when Brand became aware she had spoken with an ex-boyfriend

He is said to have become angry and torn the battery from her phone before approaching her from behind.

Ms Martin alleges that without saying anything, Brand then slid his hand ‘into her underwear and forces a finger inside of her.’ 


Rachel was a runner on Channel 4’s Big Brother spin off EFourum when she came across Brand at the age of 24.

She has claimed he once flashed his penis at her in his dressing room and implied she could perform oral sex on him. She was left shocked and refused, but felt unable to tell anyone else for fear of losing her job.

He is said to have continued to pursue her and eventually entered a brief relationship with her. 

Former model 

Russell Brand has around six million subscribers on YouTube and 11 million followers on Twitter

A formal model has come forward since the investigation into Brand was published and claimed he once followed her through the streets of London asking to ‘f***’ her, causing her to run away as he pursued her.

The former model, who is now in her 40s, said she was in her twenties in 2005 when the incident occurred.

She told the Sun she met ‘predator’ Brand at a bar in Primrose Hill, London, where he accompanied her as she left.

The woman claims she repeatedly told Brand she was leaving and going home, but as she began the 30 minute walk he began to follow her.

She said: ‘He was walking about five paces behind me. He was slurring his words and saying things along the lines of, ‘Let’s go and f***’. ‘I told him I wasn’t interested and he said, ‘Let’s just f*** right here’.

‘I definitely felt that in his head this was all a bit of fun, but it wasn’t. I was so rattled by it that I started to run. I ran as fast as I could to get away from him.’

Met Police investigate alleged sexual assault

The Metropolitan Police announced this week it is investigating an alleged sexual assault by Russell Brand following the release of Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary. 

Officers have received report of an incident in Soho, central London in 2003.

The force has also called for anyone with information about Brand’s alleged behaviour towards women to contact them.

A spokesman said: ‘On Sunday, September 17, the Met received a report of a sexual assault which was alleged to have taken place in Soho in central London in 2003. Officers are in contact with the woman and will be providing her with support.’ 

Female comedians and Big Brother crew members

Dozens of comedians were contacted by The Times and Channel 4 about Brand’s alleged behaviour.

One unnamed female comedian, who gigged with Brand in the early 2000s, said he would chase her around backstage.

She further claims he repeatedly bit her face behind the stage, despite the fact she told him it made her feel uncomfortable.

The comedian also said she would spot him ‘scanning’ the room at parties, alleging he would single out women to sleep with. 

In a separate incident, comedian Katherine Ryan is said to have mocked Russell Brand over his alleged behaviour towards women when filming the Comedy Central show Roast Battle in 2017.

Katherine Ryan (centre) is said to have made pointed jokes about Brand’s alleged behaviour towards women when filming Roast Battle (pictured)

It is claimed she told him he was ‘looking good’ before adding: ‘I will remind you of that if any victims come out.’ 

Meanwhile staff employed on EFourum, the Big Brother spin-off show presented by Brand, have claimed they felt like ‘pimps’ for the comedian and described being phoned by women in tears who said they had been treated badly by him.

One said she would sometimes turn up to collect Brand from his hotel room, only to find him naked, at which point he would suggest they had a ‘quickie’. 

Representatives for Brand have been contacted for comment. 

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