Did Spain's former King spread gossip about Queen Letizia's 'affair'?

Did Spain’s former King spread gossip about Queen Letizia’s ‘affair’ with her brother-in-law in cold act of revenge against his son? Spanish media accuse Juan Carlos’ allies of ‘whipping up campaign’ after Felipe VI ‘froze exiled monarch out amid scandal’

The former King of Spain has been accused of playing a part in ‘stirring up’ rumours about an alleged affair between Queen Letizia and her former brother-in-law.

The Spanish Royal Family have been rocked by shocking claims from businessman Jaime Del Burgo, who sensationally alleged that he had a relationship with Letizia, 51, before and after her marriage to King Felipe. 

Del Burgo went on to marry Letizia’s sister, Telma Ortiz, who he is now separated from. The Spanish court has repeatedly refused to comment on the allegations.

In a new twist, a veteran Spanish journalist has accused supporters of the former king, who has been all-but frozen out of the royal family, of whipping up a ‘campaign’ against his son Felipe.

Referring to the claims, popular radio host Federico Jiménez Losantos said: ‘It’s the “nth” campaign orchestrated against Felipe VI,’ before adding: ‘It is Juan Carlos’s circles who are stirring it up.’ 

Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI of Spain, pictured attending a charity meeting on December 13

A veteran Spanish journalist has accused supporters of the former king, Juan Carlos I (pictured) of whipping up the damaging allegations

Juan Carlos reigned as King of Spain from 1975 to 2014 when he abdicated in favour of his son. 

The official reason was given as his age, but a string of controversies ensued and there have been suggestions that he was pressured to give up the throne to protect the institution.

The corruption scandals he has been caught up in since he handed over to King Felipe VI, whose wife Letizia is a former journalist, have left his reputation in tatters. 

He now lives in Abu Dhabi, and Spanish outlets have quoted sources close to the former monarch saying he is upset at being cast out by his family.

Now, the latest rumours have plunged the Spanish monarchy into yet another scandal.

Del Burgo, 53, currently based in the UK, recently contributed to a tell-all book about the 51-year-old Spanish royal, Letizia y Yo (Letizia and I).

In it, he claims that he and Letizia were dating when she met Felipe and were still romantically involved after her 2004 wedding to Spain’s King. 

Following the bombshell claims, the entrepreneur went on to share a selfie the Queen took in a mirror during one of her pregnancies as ‘evidence’ of their relationship.

In the selfie, the royal can be seen wearing a black pashmina – which Jaime claims belonged to him – and he also typed out a message in his social media post, supposedly sent to him by the Spanish Queen. 

Jaime Del Burgo and his ex-wife Telma Ortiz seen in 2012 before their wedding. The couple split in 2014

Businessman Jaime Del Burgo shared this unseen selfie of Queen Letizia with his X followers. He claimed that the royal was wearing his pashmina and said it ‘took care of her’

It read: ‘Love. I wear your pashmina. It’s like feeling you by my side. It takes care of me. It protects me. I count the hours until we see each other again. Love you. Get out of here. Yours,’ 

Spanish media have reported other messages he supposedly posted on X, which the entrepreneur is understood to have removed shortly after publishing them, pointed to them having a secret affair after Letizia married Felipe. 

After sharing the selfie, other X users questioned the validity of Jaime’s claims – given there is no evidence that Letizia sent him the photo or accompanying message.

Father-of-two Del Burgo divorced Letizia’s sister by mutual consent in 2016, four years after they married and two years after they split up.

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