Hilarious trash talk between Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan erupts

Hilarious trash talk between Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan erupts after BBC man told Anthony Joshua ‘I think I could take him’

  • The heavyweight journalists exchanged heated words about who’d win in a fight 

Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan have been squaring off on social media with hilarious trash talk, as the BBC documentary film-maker said he would defeat him ‘like a boxing Beethoven’.

It comes after a clip from a recent show on boxing champion and GB Olympian Anthony Joshua surfaced in which Mr Theroux said he thought he could ‘take’ Mr Morgan in a fight.

In the new episode of the BBC series, Louis Theroux Interviews, the boxing champion said: ‘I could actually get you a fight and it will do well.’

When discussing who Mr Theroux should fight, someone behind the camera suggested Piers Morgan.

Mr Theroux said: ‘That’s a better match-up. Number one, he’s very famous and I think I could take him.’

But the documentarian’s rival didn’t take to kindly to the remarks and Mr Morgan said on Twitter/X: ‘Have you lost your marbles, @louistheroux? I’d destroy you in 30 seconds, you puny wastrel.’

Unfazed, Mr Theroux hit back today, replying: ‘I don’t think you’ve got the cardio fitness, Piers, TBF. You’d gas out and after that I’d just be playing music on your chin like a boxing Beethoven.’

How the two interviews would face off if they were ever to get into the boxing ring together

Louis Theroux interviewed Anthony Joshua for the first episode of the new BBC series Louis Theroux Interviews

The journalists exchanged barbed words on Twitter/X about who would win in a boxing match

People replied on social media saying they would love to see a bout between the two journalist heavyweights.

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Many people appeared to back Mr Theroux’s chances, with one person saying: ‘Louis 2nd round TKO.’

Another said: ‘I’ve never paid for PPV fight in my life but I would definitely sign up for this.’

Another said: ‘The fight we never knew we needed.’

While someone else replied: ‘Make it happen! £50 on Louis Theroux to win!’

And someone else replied: ‘We’re seeing the makings of an absolute boxing classic here ladies and gents!’

But some people appeared to back Mr Morgan, with one person saying: ‘Get in there and take him piers, then bring him for an interview fully bruised up afterwards!’

Another said: ‘I’m backing you on this #teampiers.’

And another added: ‘Can’t lie, wastrel is a top insult.’

However, Mr Theroux was asked about the challenge during a Q&A about the show last month.

He seemed less eager for the bout as he said: ‘He’s quite big though, isn’t he?’

When asked what he’d do if Mr Morgan accepted the fight, Mr Theroux said it would be ‘stressful’ but he would commit.

Mr Theroux is no stranger to intense training as during a 1998 Weird Weekends documentary on wrestling, he was invited to the WCW Power Plant.

Piers has been hitting the gym and the workouts in recent months and has toned up hugely

When speaking about the boxing challenge during a Q&A, Mr Theroux said about Piers Morgan: ‘He’s quite big, isn’t he?’

Louis Theroux and Anthony Joshua also also showcased their freestyle rapping skils on the documentary

Mixing in with the other wrestlers who were training, Mr Theroux was pushed so far that he ended up being physically sick from the exercise.

Meanwhile, Mr Morgan has had his fair share of fights as he said he still has a scar on his head from a punch-up with Jeremy Clarkson in 2004.

Former two-time world heavyweight champion sat down with Louis Theroux to reflect on his career.

At one point, they even performed a freestyle rap.

Mr Theroux won a rap battle during a previous documentary about rap and Anthony Joshua famously performed 21 Seconds alongside So Solid Crew at a packed-out nightclub in 2020.

AJ rapped: ‘Me and Louis in the kitchen, having coffee and tea, you know that back in the day I’ll be whippin’, big pimpin’, Range Rover dippin’.

The boxing champion continued: ‘Me and my ninjas never slipping’, trigger finger you know it stays itchin’, I just put the clip in.’

The former two-time world heavyweight champion burst out laughing after his 15-second chorus, but Mr Theroux stepped in to continue the rap

‘Here I am with my man, AJ, I’m asking questions, getting all crazy, in a minute we’ll get in the ring, watch me ’cause I can sting.

‘I can throw a left, I can throw a right, put you down alright all night, you’ll be with your feet layin’ out, no doubt.’

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