Nearly 40% of staff say WFH has made them dull

WFH is making Brits BORING! Nearly 40% of staff believe not being in the office full-time has made them less spontaneous – how DULL is your area?

  • A new study has confirmed Birmingham as the most boring place in the UK

One of the side effects of the global pandemic is that an entire generation of working British people have become ‘dull’ and Birmingham is the most boring place of them all, a new study shows. 

Amazingly 40% of Brits who work from home say not being in the office all week has made them fundamentally unspontaneous and boring – more likely to reject night out plans then agree to them.

Even more depressing is the fact that over 50% of people think Britain is home to more tedious people now than it was before. 

Sadly for those who live in Birmingham, the study shows that 54% of residents consider themselves Peaky Bores – the highest in England. 

Not wanting to be upstaged by their English neighbours, Edinburgh locals have also attested that they are boring as well with 54% of them also agreeing that 

Birmingham is officially the most boring place in the UK according to new research 

The yawn-inducing research was done by Ambl, a new free app that helps people find last minute bar and restaurant reservations, using geo-location technology to show venues with available spaces.

The research, which looked at 2,000 working adults, found that 30 per cent believe Covid took all the spark from their lives and that still has not returned.

Two thirds wish they could be a bit more spontaneous and have more fun, while even more say that when they do go out, they always go to the same old places and never try anything new.

Levels of dullness vary across the UK as just 37 per cent in party-loving Newcastle and 37 per cent in Manchester admit that they’re a bit duller than they used to be before face masks became the norm. 

CEO and co-founder of Ambl, Aaron Solomon, said: ‘For some of us, the pandemic has meant that we have fallen into habits in our work and social lives that have meant we are doing less, and our lives are less exciting.

‘Not only that, as a nation we have become less spur-of-the moment with our plans – whether that’s heading out to meet a friend, going for dinner or going out. We have gotten used to planning ahead since Covid, however, there is no reason that we can’t be spontaneous again!

‘In your quest to add more of a spark to your life, book a dinner off-the-cuff with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, say yes more often and go on a local walk without a plan and see where it takes you. The more spontaneous the better!’

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