First-year students hit the town on Fresher's Friday

Studying hard? First-year students hit the town on Fresher’s Friday with their new friends at the start of the university year

  • New students partied during their Fresher’s Week, which runs until tomorrow 

First-year students have hit the town on Fresher’s Friday with their new friends to start their university year. 

Thousands of students swarmed the streets of Leeds and Newcastle last night to indulge in a night of tipsy fun.

They spent their first Fresher’s Friday – part of the Fresher’s Week celebrations which run until Sunday, September 24 – drinking in their best party gear.

Some partygoers were pictured wearing cowboy heads and fancy dress, while others put on their favourite dresses and cropped tops.

The new students took the opportunity to let their hair down as the late night became the early morning.

Unfortunately heavy clubbing proved too much for some of the new students dancing into the early hours, as their drinking was followed by vomiting or brawls in the street. 

The new students put on makeup and their favourite party fits to hit the town in Newcastle

These freshers bought some booze to pre-drink in the streets before going into the clubs in Leeds

Friends in Newcastle were pictured wearing matching metallic skirts as they hit the town

Some students brought glittery hats or colourful wigs to celebrate Fresher’s Friday, like here in Newcastle

These joyful students in Leeds laughed as they were queuing outside a club, while another freshers holding a beer walked past

Many of the students brought drinks to have outside while walking to their clubbing destination

Nightclubs in Newcastle were busy yesterday as hundreds of students queued up to enter

This Leeds fresher was visibly excited about her first Fresher’s Friday kicking off her time at university

Some freshers took to the streets in fancy dress with colourful dress shirts knotted around their chests

Other freshers opted for cowboy hats or a big pink wig for their first Fresher’s Friday

Like many other students, this fresher was pictured holding a vape as she waited to get into a club

These students showed off their hair dos as they wrapped up in jackets to stay warm in Leeds as temperatures cooled down overnight

This trio in Newcastle wore matching white dress shirts as they hit the streets for Fresher’s Friday

Two friends brought a wine bottle each to drink before clubbing with other students

Cropped tops were a popular choice for girls hitting the streets of Leeds yesterday

Wearing fancy dress, these two friends showed their love for each other by hugging it out after a night of partying

Many students were wearing Nike sneakers as they stumbled across Leed’s after a heavy night of drinking

This student took a break from partying as she sat on the floor outside a venue in Leeds, while her friends were standing around her

These friends wanted to commemorate their first Fresher’s Friday by taking fun pictures as they were queuing up outside a club

A brawl broke out in Leeds last night after students were partying into the early hours

Several young men were involved and they had to be separated by nightclub security guards

Two concerned students looked after their friend in Leeds yesterday

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