Woke policies to be stamped out under new scheme launched by 'minister for Common Sense' Esther McVey | The Sun

WOKE policies and pointless public spending will be stamped out under a new scheme launched by the “Minister for Common Sense”.

Esther McVey said she would halt taxpayer cash being wasted on diversity schemes and costly quangos while families are being forced to tighten their belts.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the top Tory said: “I am often frustrated at hearing how our fine public institutions are hamstrung by unnecessary working practices, or are using public money in wasteful ways.

“I believe one of the Government’s New Year resolutions should be to ensure all parts of the public sector embrace common sense instead of political correctness.

Ms McVey, 56, added she would probe Government spending “to help root out waste and unnecessary bureaucracy” – adding: “The public is crying out for more common-sense decisions across the public sector.”

She will also encourage more Brits from outside London to apply for top Civil Service jobs.



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The former GMTV presenter was appointed a Cabinet Office minister last month to give a “common-sense” view on social affairs.

Jeremy Hunt’s Treasury previously launched an audit of all equality, diversity, and inclusion spending in Whitehall departments at the start of October.

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