You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the second eagle in this mountain optical illusion in under 10 seconds | The Sun

YOU may have perfect vision if you can spot the hidden eagle in this mountain landscape.

The snowy mountain cliffs show a bald eagle flying by the bottom of the frame, but there's another lurking around.

The challenge is made more difficult as you only have 10 seconds to spot the eagle – and only those with the best vision can find it.

While you have a look about, why not try one of our other fiendishly difficult optical illusions to test your vision?

This optical illusion can reveal the type of friend you are based on what you see first – a jokester or a loyal pal.

Or, you could have perfect vision if you spot the wolf hiding in the long grass in this tricky video.


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This challenge is simple: all you have to do is to find the lion under 15 seconds.

French photographer Florian Ledoux, 28, snapped this photo of a polar bear adrift on an ice floe in Nunavut, northern Canada – can you spot it amongst the white icy sheets?

A TikTok video has gone viral for this difficult optical illusion as viewers try to find the dog.

In this puzzle, viewers face a race against time as they try to spot the odd cupcake in this mind-boggling brain teaser.

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Your time is up – look a bit closer in the upper part of the mountain – you'll see a shadow of an eagle flying in the rocks.

If you didn't find it in time, don't worry, as we've circled it for you below.

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