Ariana Grande’s husband Dalton Gomez ‘learning to accept split’ after pair separated

Dalton Gomez, the estranged husband of pop sensation Ariana Grande, is reportedly navigating the split and learning to accept his new normal. According to exclusive sources from Us Weekly, Dalton's journey towards acceptance has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

The sources said that Dalton did not foresee the split from his wife and, throughout this trying period, has been leaning on the unwavering support from his circle of loved ones.

The insider familiar with the situation began by shedding light on Dalton's state of mind. "It's been a little while since Ariana and Dalton split, but he's been adjusting to his new normal and learning to accept it for what it is," they shared. The sources indicated that Dalton had never foreseen a parting of ways from the Bang Bang songstress, as he had assumed they would be together forever.

Before crossing paths with the hitmaker, Dalton had been accustomed to living a relatively private life. "He never imagined he would be going through a divorce in the public eye," the sources added.

Throughout this period of change, Dalton has sought solace and strength from his inner circle. "He's hanging in there and is grateful for his friends and family who have been really supportive," the sources confirmed.

The pair were first linked in February 2020 after being spotted sharing a kiss at a Los Angeles bar. This marked the start of a whirlwind romance that led to their engagement in December of the same year. Their union culminated in an intimate wedding ceremony in May 2021 in Montecito, California.

However, as life often unfolds in unexpected ways, the couple recently announced their separation in July 2023. Since December, they'd been living thousands of miles apart as Ariana has been filming Wicked in the UK. However, the source has said that the couple were having problems before that.

During this time, co-stars Ariana and Ethan grew close while working together on the film, with Ariana playing Glinda and Ethan taking on the role of Boq.

Ariana's reported new relationship with Ethan has been subject of significant attention and even some backlash. Ethan has most recently been in a long-term relationship with wife Lilly Slater for over a decade. They tied the knot in 2012 having welcomed a son in August of the previous year.

“Ethan sat Lilly down a few days before the news broke about him and Ariana and said that he wanted a divorce,” a source told Us Weekly. “Lilly never saw it coming.”

Issuing a statement, Lilly criticised Ariana following the breakdown of her marriage.

“[Ariana’s] the story really. Not a girl’s girl,” she told Page Six.

“My family is just collateral damage.”

As for Ethan and Ariana, a source told TMZ: "It's understandable that emotions are high and it's hard seeing your ex move on, especially in such a public way, and her friends are trying to protect her. But Ari and Ethan are just trying to lay low and be respectful of their exes as they pursue this new relationship."

OK! has reached out to representatives for Ariana and Dalton for comment.

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