Molly-Mae’s sister caring for her sick sibling and baby Bambi amid Tommy split rumours

We may know her best for being a Love Island star, businesswoman and doting mum, but despite her success and skyrocketing fame, Molly-Mae Hague is sadly just as susceptible to sickness as the rest of us.

The 24-year-old star was recently struck down with a bout of illness and forced to draft in a helping hand from her sister Zoe Hague to help battle through the worst of it, as baby Bambi had sadly also been struck down with sickness too.

Sharing an update with fans on social media, Zoe told her followers: "Molly and Bambi are both really poorly, so I'm kind of caring for both of them.”

Zoe even went on the reveal how she had shuffled around her personal training sessions just to try and be more present to help out her ailing sister and niece while they were so unwell.

"Bambi's put to bed and Molly's just relaxing," she said, before continuing: "Thankfully Molly has a treadmill in her little garage gym area so I'm lucky enough to jump on that this evening.”

Later in the week, Zoe even revealed she was spending the night at her sister’s to help take care of her, and had brought plenty of supplies to keep her well fed in the meantime.

"Tonight I am staying at Molly's and I have bought round Hello Fresh,” she told fans in a second clip, this time shot in Molly’s luxurious kitchen.

"I actually made Molly a Hello Fresh a couple of weeks ago and she said 'that was the best chicken you have ever made me'," she added.

In addition to saving her poorly sibling from cooking, Zoe also went on to explain how the nutritional benefit might even help guide her to a far speedier recovery.

"Obviously Molly being poorly we need to up the protein, we need to up the goodness, we need to up the fibre, the vitamins," she said.

The helpful arrival of Zoe comes amid a rocky few weeks for Molly-Mae and her fiancé Tommy Fury, after the boxer was spotted partying shirtless and solo without her while travelling in the UAE.

Although the couple were seen together on Monday, Molly was notably not wearing her £600,000 engagement ring, sparking speculation that the couple could be in trouble, however neither Molly nor Tommy have given any indication of a split.

Molly became a first time mum earlier this year, but has confessed that since giving birth to Bambi back in January, she hadn’t had an easy ride of it, as she struggled to get to grips with motherhood.

Documenting her journey in a series of frank and raw vlogs, Molly shoed off the highs and lows of her parenting story, particularly in the first few weeks of parenthood.

The experience may even have put the reality star off from having any more children, a subject which appears to put her at odds with Tommy, who ideally would like to have four.

During a recent Q&A session, a fan asked Molly if she planned on having any more children in the future, prompting the star to reply: "Honestly like the thought of having another baby, anytime soon… no."

Molly shared: "But if I can be completely, completely real on here with you guys, because I like it to keep it real, have I considered having one and just being done, like you know just having Bambi, like yes, 100%."

The star added: "I just think the newborn stage got me so much like it really did. I struggled a lot with the newborn stage like seriously, I didn't cope well with that."

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