Cher, 77, on her 40-year age gap romance – from ‘holding hands’ to ‘dinner and a kiss’

It's been 60 years since she first started out on her career in the music industry, but at 77 Cher remains as in demand as ever – releasing her first ever Christmas album.

But aside from her busy schedule, Cher is kept busy by her much younger boyfriend – Andrew Edwards, who at 37 is 40 years her junior.

The singer and her music exec beau went public with the age-gap romance last year, and the pair are still going strong. In a rare chat about the romance, she opens up to OK! about just how she makes life work.

She explained of Andrew: “He’s a dear but I haven’t hardly been able to see him. It’s like the in and out, kiss, ‘hi baby’ and we get to have a dinner or something like that.

"But he’s going to some fashion shows with me here [Paris], which is admirable because he isn’t that interested, even though he loves fashion. He just went to hold my hand.”

Alongside romance, Cher is busy preparing for Christmas – celebrating the release of her festive album. “I love Christmas. I mean, you know, you decorate the house and everyone comes over,” Cher says, adding that her love of the upbeat festive spirit means “there are only two sad songs on the album”.

“It’s not your mother’s Christmas album, you know?’, she smiles. “I didn’t want to sing ‘Silent Night’ or all the songs that had been sung in better ways by better singers than me.

Even if no one ever listened to it, or no one ever bought it, it’s still one of the best albums I’ve ever made and I would be proud.” So what does she have planned with her own family and friends this year?

“Well, I have lots of really young friends and I’ve got children”. (Chaz, 54 and Elijah, 47) “I’m like the old woman in the shoe when it comes to Godchildren.

“We just do normal Christmas things,” she says. “I don’t know – I never plan it. I could be dancing or I could be in the kitchen putting mashed potatoes on everybody’s plates. That’s how we do it. There’s turkey and dressing and pumpkin pies. We’re very traditional when it comes to celebrating the dinner. Everybody expects that.

We have a long line and then everyone just takes their own, what they want. We always have a party though and decorate the house.

“People are nicer, you know, they’re kind of somehow on their best behaviour. Christmas brings out that in people, I think. It’s a great time of year to just try to stop what you’ve been doing and concentrate on being happy with your family and your friends and doing things for people that are not as fortunate. It’s a time where you feel the spirit.”

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