Shirtless Man in Golf Cart Leads Los Angeles Cops On Slow-Speed Pursuit

A shirtless man in L.A. led cops on what has to be one of the slowest and most bizarre chases ever — going way under the speed limit in a golf cart … with a dog in his lap!

The slow-speed pursuit went down Sunday night — the driver, reaching top speeds of 19 MPH, had allegedly stolen the vehicle from a nearby shopping center, which is when the “chase” began in earnest.

With as many as 4 LAPD cruisers in tow … the driver was topless and barefoot with a pup chilling in his lap.

After multiple failed spike strip attempts by officers, he drove the cart into a parking lot and hopped out with the dog in his arm … running around a semi-truck that was unloading.

Cops then took him to the ground — as an officer took the dog to safety — putting an end to this very unique pursuit. That’ll teach him to stay on the green.

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