Boots are selling a dupe of Lush’s popular Snow Fairy for just £2 and it ‘smells identical’ | The Sun

BEAUTY fans are raving about a new dupe of the cult favourite Snow Fairy shower gel by Lush – and it's scanning for £2.

Christmas is just a few weeks away and we all know what that means – the annual return of Lush's Snow Fairy collection.

But whether you love the pink bath bomb, shower gel or the adorable candle, there's no denying that the cult favourite festive range also comes with a hefty price tag.

Luckily, if you're on the lookout for a cheaper version, shoppers have claimed there's now a dupe available in Boots.

According to one customer, Hana, Treaclemoon Frosted Candy Angel Shower & Bath Gel has the same aroma as the real deal – but it's a fraction of price.

Unlike the posh version, which sells for £7, the Boots' dupe costs £2.15, meaning you're saving almost a fiver.

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Similar to the cult favourite, which is sold only around the festive period, the more affordable shower gel has a lovely sweet scent to it, with notes of pear drop, candy floss and strawberry.

After checking out the dupe at the popular store and snapping it up, Hana, too, said it ''smells identical''.

Not only is the lookalike budget-friendly and a close match to the real Snow Fairy, the Boots' shower gel is also vegan and made with 100 per cent natural extracts.

Needless to say, the bargain buy has also become all the rage online, where customers have given it a positive four-star rating.

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One delighted shopper said: ''Gorgeous scent and a much cheaper version of Lush’s Snow Fairy. Highly recommend.''

Another was also just as impressed, writing: ''Wow this is amazing, I'm buying more for stocking fillers.''


A third chimed in: ''Lovely luxury shower gel smells beautiful, and lot goes a long way.''

However, not everyone was pleased with the purchase, as some admitted they were a bit ''disappointed''.

''I bought this as a dupe for snow fairy. When you first open the bottle it does smell very similar but when you actually use it the scent changes and is not as pleasant, it almost smells like dirt," a Boots' shopper said.

''It is also very watery and doesn’t lather. If you like snow fairy just buy the original, this product does not compare at all."

Another agreed, warning fellow beauty fans: ''So many reviews describe this as a dupe for a well known product.

''It is no comparison, the smell doesn’t last and it’s so watery you have to use loads.''

But while many have been going totally berserk over the Snow Fairy range, not every product of the line has been a hit – and one shopper recently explained why their £12 candle is not worth your money.

The upset shopper, Tillie (@tilsjay), from the UK, took to warn fellow social media users about how long the pricey pink candle lasted.

Demonstrating how much – or little – of the product had remained, Tillie said: ''Do not buy the Lush Snow Fairy candle. I am literally so upset.

''So this is £12 and I did think to myself 'It is £12…'.

''It's really, really small. But I was like 'Oh well, it's natural oils and everything like that'.''

Excited to have it, Tillie then lit up the candle for around three hours – and within that time, the majority of the wax had already melted.

The following day, she let it burn a little more – and this time, she was left with barely anything.

''I just went to light it.. […] The wick has already burnt out,'' Tillie demonstrated in a video.

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Tillie continued in the caption: ''So upset I normally love @lush products.

''I completely get I bought a small candle but for it to burn out so quickly and not even use the last of it is so sad.''

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