I have tiny boobs and hate shopping, so I created my own fashion line but people say I’m shaming big-busted women | The Sun

A FLAT-CHESTED woman started her own fashion line after nothing fit her correctly, but some think she’s shaming big-busted beauties. 

Leah took to her social media account to share a clip to demonstrate her point that modern fashion doesn’t cater to women with tiny boobs. 

The clip started with her dressed in a black long-sleeved crop top with large bra cups that didn’t sit on her chest properly. 

“You really had me out here thinking I was mid,” she wrote over this. 

She then changed into a black vest top over which she donned a nude-coloured bra that also didn’t fit her properly. 

Leah continued: “Like I wasn’t that gas, like I wasn’t that fire, like I wasn’t that zaa…” 

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The TikTok star (_mystylediary) then shared a compilation of pictures showing off women’s fashion, where models could be seen with bigger busts in tight-fitting outfits. 

“Are you crazy?” she continued. “Well let me reintroduce myself…” 

The music then started with a singer saying “snatched” as Leah was suddenly in a form fitting black and grey dress. 

Turning to the side, she showed off how the bra cups sat perfectly on her chest. 

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In the caption, she added: “Don’t let beauty standards, brands, industries, trends or any external factors make you think ur not good enough or beautiful enough as u r…” followed by a red heart emoji.

In another clip, she told viewers: “Clothing and bras not fitting my small chest…  So I created a clothing brand to fit, flatter & empower small chested girls”.

Many were supportive of her videos as one person wrote: “I genuine find it so hard to have the confidence like you”. 

Leah immediately replied: “Takes time… & consistency working on it… start small step at a time like losing padding then move 2next thing when u feel comfortable w that.” 

She went on to tell them that they should challenge their negative thoughts, be kind to themselves and do things that make them “feel good”. 

Another said: “Seriously admire your confidence,” while a third added: “Your so pretty girl, don’t care about anyone just shine like you are doing now!”

And a fourth shared: “You have no idea what you just did for me… a 25 year old in professional industry around a bunch of busties… I will buy it all.” 

But some weren’t quite as supportive as one person said: “Why dont u just get a normal dress instead of shaming other women??” 

While another cruelly commented: “as if every clothing ay stores isnt madre for you like keep fighting non existent Demons girl!! keep yourself delulu”. 

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Meanwhile, one woman has revealed her “instant halter neck” bikini hack that makes her look like she had her boobs done. 

And another woman said that she’s part of the “flat chest gang” and reckons they’re beautiful.

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