I painted my toddler's toy Christmas tree – people call me a 'sad beige mom' but I think my kid's a 'neutral girlie' too | The Sun

IT was beginning to look a lot like a neutral colored Christmas.

Her daughter's holiday was going to be a lot less bright, but she said her child wouldn't have it any other way.

Before you judge, one mom says her toddler has the same taste in decor.

"Go ahead and call me crazy or a sad beige mom for what I'm about to do," said Nattie Jopo (@nattiejopo).

She was about to give the Step 2 my first Christmas tree a total – and some would say unconventional – makeover.

Nattie explained how she was leaning into her inner Pinterest mom as visions of neutralizing the plastic tree swirled around her head.

"I can already hear you thinking that I'm going to ruin my daughter's Christmas by painting over these colors – let's be real.

"My toddler's favorite toys are brown cardboard boxes and clear plastic water bottles, so I really think that she's a neutral girlie at heart."

One thing was for sure – those purples, yellows and blues were about to become a lot less bright.

She headed over to Lowe's to pick out some neutral colored spray paints.

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Nattie had this suggestion for those wanting to embark on the same type of project, regardless of what color paint you use – make sure to purchase spray paints that bond to plastic.

She suggested Krylon fusion all-in-one spray paint that sells for $7.98 at Lowe's.

And it had plenty of glowing reviews for multiple purposes.

"Definitely my favorite spray paint. It’s not easy to scratch off and it sticks to anything," wrote one satisfied user.

She also had a change of heart over the holiday decorating DIY along the way.

"I originally wanted to paint the body of the tree a brown, but then I realized that I want my tree to look a little bit alive," she shared.

Instead, Nattie just went with a darker shade of green.

"I gave it a very realistic Christmas tree look which I love."

She also used a gold paint over the star.

It might not have been as gold as she was originally hoping for, but she did end up digging the brass antique look.

For the tree skirt she used this: a satin color rustoleum paint.

She also detailed her steps when it came to painting the ornaments.

"I just took some painter's tape and I covered the little ornament hooks with those. I wanted to keep those white."

The rest of the ornaments, however, were still getting a muted color makeover.

Her pro-tip called for hanging up the ornaments as she spray painted them instead of leaving them on the cardboard.

She wanted to avoid messy mayhem at all costs.

After waiting a few hours for the paint to dry, she was able to add an extra coat of paint on the backside of the trees.

Now all that was left to do was sit back, relax, and wait for the paint to dry overnight.

Everything went smoothly except for a small bit of peeling on the tree that she was easily able to fix.

Next, Nattie put her newly painted pieces together.

This proud mama was loving the look but felt she could upgrade the star topper with some glitter or shine.

She was also thinking of adding some velvet ribbon bows along the hooks.

Nattie described the tree as giving modern organic vibes.

Not everyone, however, understood the look she was going for.

"I showed this to my husband and had to explain sad beige moms to him," one follower joked.

Wrote another: "The ornaments are making me sad."

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"This is actually so funny," was all another viewer could say.

It might not have been a popular choice, but she was obsessed with the decor – and she knew her daughter would be too.

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