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A WOMAN has revealed she got chin filler with an inexperienced beautician and it was a total fail.

Beauty fan Anna Brown, who is from Chicago, explained she was persuaded to get filler in her chin, in an attempt to balance out her face.

However, she was left with a botched face, so much so that she has described herself as looking like Crimson Chin – a comic book character.

Posting on social media, the blonde beauty shared a clip, which has now gone viral, showing off her face before and after the filler.

At the start of the video, Anna shared a picture of her, as she said: “I think chin filler would really even out my facial profile.”

Seconds later, Anna posted a snap of her after the filler, showing off her now large, pointed chin.

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Embarrassed at the blunder, she noted: “I cannot believe I'm sharing this with the internet.”

Getting candid at her filler mishap, Anna noted: “I can promise you I truly cried.”

In a follow-up clip, Anna explaineda year after getting the filler, her chin has thankfully gone back to normal.

However, she got real about the situation and explained that she was a guinea pig when it came to getting the procedure done. 

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She explained: “Hi, friends. It's the Crimson Chin here.

“I'd like to start by saying clearly, I think my chin looks just fine.

“That happened in April 2022 and it's now August 2023, so I'm good. It's gone. It's out of my face.

“I think they say facial fillers like that last 12 to 18 months, so it's gone.

“I live in Chicago but I work out of Indianapolis, so I'm in Indianapolis quite a bit and I got that done in Indianapolis.

“I'm not gonna say the name of the person, because I'm not gonna drag their name, it's just mean.

“If you're in Indianapolis and considering getting it done, maybe message me and I can tell you to avoid these people, but I'm not just gonna shame their name on the internet.

“Also, I have gone to these people before. I have gotten lip filler before and I have gotten Botox before and I said something about facial balancing and this girl was like ‘you should really consider chin filler. Think your face would look great on it.’

“I'm very spontaneous, so we did it.”

Anna then explained that she could tell that the beautician hadn’t done chin filler before, as she added: “I can tell she had never done it before. There were four other injectors that came to look, even the main plastic surgery guy that does real surgeries.

“I was totally a guinea pig – they did not know what they were doing and I was probably in there for an hour of them poking and prodding and trying to make it look even.

“I knew when it was getting done, it was getting botched. I knew it was freaky.

“I truly went into a depressive state for four days. I truly didn't leave my house for four days because I thought I had messed up my face.

“I cannot believe I'm even posting this on the internet.”

Anna then shared a variety of images of her chin after the appointment, as she continued: “It’s really pointy and that's not what I was trying to do. I was more trying to fix my profile and bring it out, but she brought [my face] down and I don't think a normal chin filler person would bring your chin down.

“I did complain to the people. I sent them all those pictures, freaking out.

“I had to drive back to Indianapolis and they did end up having to put more filler in, which freaked me out, but they had to fill in those holes – those gaps. It looked awful.”

Anna later noted: “I know I sound crazy, but I would maybe do it again with a reputable person and look at their work on social media and check it out.

“But it was really expensive too, so unless it really, really bothers you, it's really not worth doing, in my opinion.

“But, yeah, I'm okay. I feel like I just looked like a complete idiot for a full month.

“In the moment, it was the worst time of my life.But now I look back and laugh so – Crimson Chin out.” 

Social media users were left stunned at the now-viral TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @annabrowniie and has quickly amassed a staggering 1.9 million views.

One person said: “Honey, you were beautiful before I don’t understand?!?!” 

Another added: “That's so scary.”

A third commented: “I wasn’t ready for how hard I laughed.” 

Before considering an cosmetic procedure, it is advisable to do your research.

The NHS says: “Having dermal fillers is usually safe if it's done by an experienced and suitably qualified practitioner. 

“Check the person doing your dermal fillers is on a register to show they meet set standards in training, skill and insurance.

“Avoid practitioners who have only completed a short training course, and book a consultation before you have the procedure.” 

The NHS suggests asking the following during your consultation: 

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  • The practitioner's experience and qualifications
  • The name of the product and how and where it's made
  • Any risks or possible side effects
  • What will happen if things go wrong
  • What insurance do cover they have

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