I'm a gym rat but I don't have a flat stomach – I do have jiggly legs and cellulite, I exercise to be strong, not small | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has embraced her curves, lack of abs, and other bodily "imperfections."

She said that she exercises to not be small but instead to be strong.

Body positive advocate Laylah (@laylah.kayyy) is transparent online about her health and wellness journey.

In a TikTok video, she listed aspects of her body that others might see as part of the ideal gym body as well as aspects of her diet.

Part of the subtitle in the middle of the visual read: "POV: You finally found a gym girly who doesn't have a flat stomach, has big thighs and cellulite.

Her hair was split apart in low pigtails and she looked like she was not wearing any makeup.



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She wore a lavender bralette-style sports bra and purple high-waisted athletic shorts that showcased her curvy body shape.

"Despite considering myself a gym rat, I do not have abs. My thighs touch and jiggle when I walk. I have tummy rolls and cellulite," she said as the video began.

In addition, Laylah mentioned in the video that she doesn't track her food and "very frequently eats a whole block of chocolate."

"I hope this reaches my girls," she wrote in the video caption.

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A fan praised: "I am just genuinely happy I found someone who seemed to go through eating issues I did, runs, lifts, and has the same body type."

"This makes me feel better. Need more people like you," another wrote.

"If you feel good, you’re enjoying what you’re doing and you enjoy the food you eat, don’t listen to anyone else," another chimed in with support.

She also shared a similar body confident statement in another video that she took at the gym about her weight loss habits.

The content creator revealed how she had a "mindset shift" from exercising to become the smallest version of herself to simply exercising to being the strongest version of it.

At the start of the video, she filmed herself doing lateral pull-downs and by the end, she was doing weighted ankle raises with a barbell.

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