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A HAIRDRESSER has revealed that there’s a strict guide of what to do once you’ve washed your hair – and rubbing your locks with a towel is not part of the equation.

Rachel Valentine has perfected her technique over the years and learnt the do’s and don’ts of what can negatively affect your hair.

She explained: “This is a really simple little routine of what to do with your hair after it’s just been washed.

“Before we do anything, we just need to remove as much water as we can. If we’re going to apply a product, we don’t want to be dripping wet.”

Rachel then demonstrated the right and wrong way of drying your hair with a towel.

As she did so, she explained: “To do this, just make sure you’re gently squeezing the water out – try not to rub your hair like this.”

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Rachel then mimicked what plenty of people do, as she vigorously rubbed the towel backwards and forwards, tugging at the end of her hair in the process.

Rachel then said: “It’s going to cause damage and it can also make it really knotty, as well.”

Instead, she continued to squeeze the excess moisture out, before reaching for a must-have product – leave-in conditioner.

She explained: “You must apply some sort of leave in conditioner.

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“Most leave-in conditioners will have lots of different benefits – my one for example is a heat protector as well.

“But you need to think of your leave-in conditioner as like your primer before your make-up.”

“It’s going to smooth out your hair, it’s going to defrizz and make it shiny and easier to detangle.”

The hair pro then showed how she works the product in, putting a small amount onto her palms and applying it with her fingers to the end of the hair.

Rachel – who can be found on TikTok at @rachelvalentinehair, then shared the next step – detangling the hair with an appropriate brush.

She said: “I just work from the bottom and gently start to detangle my hair.

“I get a lot of questions asking whether it’s ok to detangle wet hair, and, yes, most of the time it is.


“However, if I’m working on someone’s hair that’s super damaged, I may wait until it’s a little bit dryer.”

Rachel reassured that there was no right time to detangle and to simply see what your hair responded to best.

Another optional step is to apply a tiny bit more product to “spread around” the knot-free hair.

Rachel then advised her 80.1k followers on TikTok to apply any other styling products they required – and that they were then “good to go.”

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She concluded: “Even if you decide to leave your hair to air dry, you’ve used heat protection so if you change your mind and want to style it later, you are covered.” 

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