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WHILE Christmas is certainly a time for tucking into tasty nibbles, it’s also a time for a festive drink or two.

Maybe you like getting cosy with a glass of mulled wine, or perhaps you prefer a comforting mug of hot chocolate – but your drink choice could reveal more than you think about yourself.

Psychologist Emma Kenny looked at the top popular Christmas drinks and shared what your tipple of choice says about your personality.

Speaking to Fabulous, the expert said: “Each sip of your Yuletide beverage of choice tells a festive story about you. 

“So, grab your glass, mug, or cup, and let’s take a whimsical, jolly journey through the land of holiday spirits (and non-spirits!) to uncover the fun and festive traits that make you uniquely you this Christmas season. 

“Cheers to finding out!”

1. Mulled Wine

If mulled wine is your holiday choice, you’re not just a lover of Christmas, you’re its ambassador. 

You start planning your holiday activities months in advance, from carolling to cookie baking.

You’re the friend who knows every Christmas market in town and has a favourite stall in each. 

Your home smells like cinnamon and cloves throughout December, and you’ve probably tried every mulled wine recipe out there, eventually creating your own signature blend. 

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Friends look to you for the cosiest holiday gatherings, where warmth and joy are as abundant as your mulled wine.

2. Hot Chocolate

Selecting hot chocolate as your festive drink reveals your inner child, alive and well.

You’re likely the one who still gets genuinely excited at the first snowfall. 

You might be found baking gingerbread cookies or crafting homemade gifts. 

Your love for hot chocolate symbolises your appreciation for the quieter, sweeter side of Christmas. 

It’s not just about the drink; it’s about the marshmallows, whipped cream, and the sprinkles on top – a reflection of your belief that it’s the little things that make life beautiful.

3. Martini

A martini at Christmas isn’t just a drink; it’s a statement. 

You’re likely the trendsetter in your group, always on top of the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. 

Your Christmas tree isn’t just decorated; it’s curated. 

You probably throw the most anticipated holiday party of the season, where friends come not just to celebrate but to see what new twist you’ve added to the festivities. 

Your preference for a martini shows a love for classic elegance but also an appreciation for the art of mixing – in drinks and in life.

4. Eggnog

As an eggnog enthusiast, you’re the keeper of traditions. 

You are likely to have a secret family recipe for the perfect eggnog and take great pride in serving it to your loved ones. 

Your holiday decorations are full of heirlooms passed down through generations, and sentimental tat that you have hoarded through the years. 

For you, Christmas is a bridge connecting past and present, and you cherish each moment.

You’re the storyteller of your group, often found recounting fond memories of holidays gone by, making everyone feel a little more nostalgic.

5. Beer

Preferring beer during the festive season shows you’re the down-to-earth, reliable one in your circle. 

You’re not swayed by seasonal trends – for you, a good brew is timeless.

You’re probably the one hosting the laid-back Christmas BBQ or the cosy pub meetup. 

Your approach to the holidays is refreshingly simple: good friends, good food, and good beer. 

You remind everyone that at its heart, Christmas is about coming together, sharing stories, and making memories.

6. Prosecco/Bubbles

Choosing Prosecco or bubbles, you’re not just attending the party; you’re bringing it with you. 

You have an enviable energy that makes every moment feel like a celebration. 

Your Christmas is filled with glitter, glamour, and lots of laughter. 

You’re probably the one organising the New Year’s countdown or the Christmas Eve bash.

Your bubbly personality is much like your drink of choice: effervescent, delightful, and always welcome at any celebration.

7. Spicy Margarita

A spicy margarita at Christmas? You’re definitely the wildcard of your group. 

You love shaking things up and are always looking for ways to add a little extra ‘kick' to the festivities. 

Your holiday parties are legendary, known for their unique themes and unexpected delights.

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You’re the one introducing your friends to new experiences, whether it’s a Christmas salsa dance party or a festive treasure hunt. 

Your choice of a spicy margarita reflects your zestful approach to life and the holiday season – always bold, always memorable, and a little bit naughty to boot!

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