Tesco shoppers squirm after spotting new grim £3.60 Heinz ketchup flavour

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    Ketchup is a favourite condiment to many. Whether you're slathering it over a burger or splodging it on the side to dip your chips, the tomato sauce really does hit the spot.

    However, even the most loyal ketchup fans have been left in a state of disgust after some eagle-eyed Tesco shoppers spotted a new Heinz sauce flavour on the shelves. What is it you ask?

    Well, the household brand have recently launched a pickle-flavoured tomato ketchup. And while some pickle fans are rejoicing at the hybrid condiment, the hardcore sauce fans are not too pleased at the 460g bottle costing £3.40 – or £2.50 for Clubcard members.

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    A Tesco customer named Shauna took to Food Finds UK Official Facebook group where she posted a picture of the pickle infused sauce after she spotted it on her shop. "If you’re in Tesco and have a very specific craving," she wrote along with a side-eye emoji.

    It didn't take long for the post to rack up hundreds of comments from group users who tagged their friends and share their – mostly brutal – opinions about the new sauce. "I'm offended," one bloke jibed. Another user added: "That’ll either be insanely good or vile as f***." While a third voiced: "No chance."

    Although, others were more intrigued than outraged at the ketchup and pickle concept. "What a game changer," one user excitedly said. A second urged: "Am being serious I need it please." Someone else begged: "I need to try it."

    Apparently, the unique flavour combination was inspired by a recent reaction online to pickles. According to Heinz, pickles are trending – and it looks as if that's the case as the hashtag 'pickle' has over 5.4billion views.

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    Heinz head of comms and brand build, Thiago Rapp, said: "We’re always thinking about how we can play with the unmistakable taste of our ketchup. We know there are lots of pickle fans out there, so it made sense to bring two of the nation’s favourite flavours (Heinz Tomato Ketchup and tangy pickle) together."

    A statement by Heinz on Tesco's website reads: "Our classic Tomato Ketchup with a delicious twist. We’ve added pickles to give it a sweet tanginess that will take your burger into a stratosphere of flavour. But don’t just save it for the burgers! It’s just as tasty with sausages and toasties and transforms crusty bread and cheese into a pickly ploughman's."

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