The play races through several subplots -Jack Absolute Flies Again review

During the summer recess, fewer new shows have been opening but avid theatregoers can still get their fix through online streaming.

Richard Bean’s modern makeover of Sheridan’s 1775 play The Rivals drove the normally sedate National Theatre audience into hysterics.

Bean and co-writer Oliver Chris reset the cross-class romantic entanglements in a country house in 1941 which added a note of Battle of Britain peril.

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Ace fighter pilot Jack Absolute (Laurie Davidson) has blown his romance with Lydia Languish (Natalie Simpson) who now delivers planes to the local airfield although she is not permitted to take part in battle because she identifies as female, ie IS a woman.

Having delivered a new Hurricane, posh Lydia sets her cap at Dudley Scunthorpe (Kelvin Fletcher) a working class mechanic.

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Through a series of misdirected billets doux by mischievous maid Lucy (Kerry Howard) plus disguises contrived to Confuse-a-Lydia the play races through several subplots with the recklessness of a barnstormer.

Director Emily Burns keeps the production airborne. Marvellous

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