All the Light We Cannot See stars Hollywood celebs you’ll definitely recognise

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from All the Light We Cannot See.

All the Light We Cannot See will be landing on Netflix this week with some very familiar faces starring in the historical drama.

The four-part limited series is based on the Pullitzer Prize-winning 2014 Anthony Doerr novel of the same name, telling a tale of “hope, love and connection”.

The Pink Panther and Cheaper By The Dozen director and executive producer Shawn Levy has teamed up with the likes of Peaky Blinders’ Steven Knight to bring the story to life.

Set in the Second World War, All The Light We Cannot See centres on blind French girl Marie-Laure (played by Aria Mia Loberti) who flees German-occupied Paris with her father Daniel LeBlanc (Mark Ruffalo).

They are in possession of a legendary diamond they want to keep from falling into the hands of the Nazis but are relentlessly pursued by Gestapo officer Reinhold Von Rumpel (Lars Eidinger) who wants the jewel for his own selfish means.

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Who is in the cast of All the Light We Cannot See? 

Marie-Laure Leblanc – Aria Mia Loberti

Marie-Laure is a blind teeanger who escapes German-occupied Paris with her father and becomes a key part of the Resistance in Saint-Malo.

She is portrayed by actress Aria Mia Loberti who is blind in real life with All The Light We Cannot See being her first ever on-screen role.

Loberti told Tudum by Netflix: “I never allowed myself to dream about acting when I was little. It was something I wanted to do, but couldn’t dream about.

“It was a bit like being a fighter pilot, I think. You just become used to people telling you what’s possible for you and you accept it.

“So I think that’s the most important thing to me: realizing there’s some other little girl who’s lining up her family’s chairs to do a one-woman show, like I did, but knowing she actually can do this.”

Daniel Lebanc – Mark Ruffalo 

Marie-Laure travels with her dad Daniel Leblanc who is a curator at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

He is determined to give his daughter an independent life while trying to protect her with the secret gem they are hiding from the Nazis.

Actor Mark Ruffalo has been in a plethora of films throughout his career so far including The Avengers, Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30 and Spotlight, just to name a few.

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Werner Pfennig – Louis Hofmann 

Werner, who is described as a “sensitive and brilliant German teenager” ends up getting enlisted by Hitler’s regime and instructed to track down illegal radio broadcasts.

This is how he comes across Marie-Laure who Werner develops a strong bond with.

Actor Louis Hofmann has been in projects like The Adventures of Huck Finn, Dark, Centre of My World and Red Sparrow.

Etienne Leblanc – Hugh Laurie

Actor Hugh Laurie is well known for starring in the medical drama House, iconic comedy series Blackadder, as well as Avenue 5, the Stuart Little films, 101 Dalmatians and The Night Manager.

He is behind Etienne, an agoraphobic First World War hero who records illicit radio broadcasts from his attic as part of the French Resistance and welcomes Marie-Laure and Daniel into his home.

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Reinhold Von Rumpel – Lars Eidinger

Gestapo officer Reinhold Von Rumpel is the villain of the drama who is a cruel and terminally ill man who wishes to spend his last days hunting down the diamond he believes could give him eternal life.

Actor Lars Eidinger has featured in Home for the Weekend, White Noise, Personal Shopper and Babylon Berlin.

Madame Manec – Marion Bailey

Actress Marion Bailey is best known for working alongside filmmaker Mike Leigh on films such as Mr Turner and Vera Drake which won her a nomination for Supporting Actress of the Year by the London Film Critics’ Circle.

She has also been in The Crown, Meantime, All or Nothing, Peterloo and Shine on Harvey Moon.

Bailey plays Madame Manec who is a “formidable woman who loves fiercely and is willing to put herself at risk” to help those she cares about.

Jutta – Luna Wedler

Jutta is Werner’s sister who he is forced to leave behind when he is recruited by the Nazi Party.

She acts as her brother’s moral anchor, judging what he is doing by how Jutta feels about his actions.

Actress Luna Wedler has been in The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Close to the Horizon and Biohackers.

All the Light We Cannot See premieres on Thursday, November 2, on Netflix.

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