Emmerdale Craig’s killer exposed as two unexpected stars cover up death in twist

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    Emmerdale fans were floored as Craig Reed's killer was revealed – and it was none of the suspects.

    During Thursday's instalment (November 2) of the ITV soap, the Dingle court continued as Lydia (Karen Blick) questioned who murdered the man who raped her. In a series of flashbacks, Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Sam (James Hooton) let Craig (Ben Addis) go after holding him hostage.

    But just moments later, Sam realised he made a mistake and asked for Cain's help in "making it right". They quickly caught up with Craig, who tormented Sam about not being able to go through with killing him.

    Craig then insisted he never raped Lydia, telling Sam "the b***h is lying". Anger took over Sam and he beat Craig up within an inch of his life, leaving him abandoned.

    Riddled with guilt, Sam confessed to Lydia that he didn't mean to kill Craig, while she insisted she wouldn't give him an alibi. As Sam went to hand himself into the police, Cain begged him to recogniser, fighting that Lydia will eventually come round.

    Elsewhere in the episode, the police made a visit to Kim (Claire King) and Will (Dean Andrews), who questioned them about Craig's murder given he was found on the Home Farm lands. During the chat, Kim asked the detective if there was any information on her missing horse, saying he deserves more attention than Craig's death.

    She later admitted she wouldn't be shedding a tear over Craig's murder. In another flashback, Kim's involvement in Craig's death was shown in a surprising twist.

    After being beaten up by Sam, Craig encountered Kim and begged her to take him to the hospital. As Craig attempted to pull Kim off the horse, the distressed animal ended up delivering a fatal blow by kicking him in the face.

    With a dying Craig on the floor, Kim was about to call an ambulance as Cain approached her. Cain pleaded with Kim to leave him there, insisting it is the right thing for Sam and Lydia.

    "Kim please. I've never asked you for anything but I'm begging you, just walk away. Pretend this never happened," he said. Kim put her phone back in her pocket and walked away from Craig's dying body. Fans rushed to social media during the episode as they reacted to Craig's unexpected killer.

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    One user penned: "Oh, so Craig brought the horse's wrath on himself. Now I support Kim even more for leaving him #Emmerdale." Another agreed: "Kim Tate has massively gone up in my estimations #emmerdale."

    A third echoed: "I can't believe I'm stanning a horse but here we are! I hope it murders more of the cast! #Emmerdale." A fourth chimed in with: The horse killed him. Go on [three cry-laughing emojis] #emmerdale."

    Emmerdale airs on weekdays on ITV1 from 7.30pm or catch up on ITVX.

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