MAFS fans ask if Nathanial is ‘okay’ as reason behind Ella argument is aired

Married At First Sight UK fans have asked if Nathanial is 'okay' after he and new wife Ella came to blows during their honeymoon in Mexico.

MAFS viewers were swooning over the couple as they met on Tuesday's episode of the show, September 19, as it looked like a match made in heaven.

A teaser for Wednesday's episode, however, quickly burst fans' bubbles, as Nathanial and Ella were seen engaging in an explosive argument – and now all has been revealed.

They were seen on their honeymoon having a number of heated discussions, as Ella pushed Nathanial to show her affection and tell her if he was sexually attracted to her.

He, in turn, told her that he needed to form a friendship first, as he told the cameras that he had an issue with her behaving one way on camera and another when it's just the two of them.

They ended up having a screaming match, as Ella called Nathanial a 'p***k'.

The next day, they could be seen sitting at sun loungers as Ella apologised for her words the night before, but Nathanial didn't seem ready to accept it.

The reason for the argument then became apparent, as Nathanial told Ella that she's a liar, as he announced that she'd told him off-camera that she used to be a stripper.

He then stormed off, leaving her in tears as she could be heard saying: "I didn't think it would be this hard."

The next day, Ella invited Nathanial to dinner to try to clear the air, but he didn't show up.

MAFS viewers were left reeling at the events of Wednesday night's episode as they took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to comment.

"Lmaooooo is Nathaniel okay," said one, whilst another wrote: "Ok so Nathaniel has an issue with her being a stripper.#MAFSUK".

Someone else said: "What does stripping have to do with it??? I’m so baffled #MAFSUK," whilst a fourth tweeted: "Is that it??? She was a stripper??? Nathanial is the one bringing the f*****g drama here #MAFSUK."

"Nathaniel and Ella are a complete mess," surmised a fifth, as a sixth said: "Not a fan of Nathaniel right now #MAFSU."

Previously, fans had been thrilled at the union, as Ella, who is trans, met Nathanial, a pansexual, at the altar, and it seemed that sparks were flying.

Fans flooded X with praise for the couple, as one branded them 'too cute' whilst another said they look 'so sweet together'.

One wrote: "Oh I’m really rooting for Ella & Nathaniel, they seem so good together already #MAFSUK," as another said: "I need Ella and Nathanial to be together forever, they are too cute #MAFSUK."

It remains to be seen how the union will go – will they work it out or is it all over before it began?

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