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Does Graham Foster cheat on Megan Macey with Kim Tate and what will happen to Home Farm?

But will he cheat on wedding planner Megan with jailbird Kim? Let’s find out…

Does Graham Foster cheat on Megan Macey with Kim Tate?

It’s not clear exactly what happens between Kim and Graham when she is released from jail and arrives back at Home Farm but we know from spoilers that Graham and Megan’s weekend away in Blackpool will be threatened.

It wouldn’t be a shock if Graham did cheat however as he and Kim have a long and chequered past.

If he and Kim end up getting back together it’s not going to be an easy romance for Graham though as it was revealed recently that Kim would seduce Cain Dingle as she attempts to ruin his life.

What will happen to Home Farm now Kim Tate is back?

Kim Tate is the rightful owner of Home Farm so now she’s back she will be taking the reigns over from Graham Foster who’s been looking after it in her absence.

One of the first things Kim will do is ask Graham to look at the accounts.

She’ll be able to see that he’s been cooking the books and that he was swindled by Robert Sugden and Nicola King while he was drinking heavily.

This will no doubt put Nicola and Robert both on her village hitlist which also includes Faith Dingle who pushed her over a balcony back in October.

She’ll also be out to get Faith’s son Cain when he turns her down when she tries to seduce him. Kim will vow to destroy his life bit by bit and will try to blackmail him over Joe Tate’s murder.

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