Here’s What You Should Know About Tattoo Blowouts

Before getting a tattoo, it’s important to do your research. Not only do you need to research the tattoo shop you’re going to visit, but you should know the aftercare procedures as well. Let’s be honest — tattoos are expensive and you don’t want your tattoo to get messed up. That’s why it’s important to know about tattoo blowouts.

According to Authority Tattoo, tattoo blowouts are tattoos with burry lines or bleeding ink. The outlet added that tattoo blowouts are a symptom of the tattoo artist’s heavy hand or inexperience with a needle. These mistakes occur when a needle is inserted deeper into the skin than it should, per Authority Tattoo.

Unfortunately, according to Healthline, the statistics of occurrence on tattoo blowouts are little to none because of limited reporting. So, there’s no telling of how common this symptom is. But, you’ll know when a blowout occurs because the blurring of the ink will happen a few days post-tattoo, per Healthline. Plus, preventing these blowouts is pretty simple, too. You simply just need to have an experienced tattoo artist, per Authority Tattoo. So, maybe it’s not a good idea to get a tattoo from your friend for a discounted price.

How to correct a tattoo blowout

Not only is it easy to avoid a tattoo blowout, but it’s also easy to correct one. The only catch: it’s a little bit expensive (via Healthline).

There are three ways to correct this blowout: laser therapy, surgical tattoo removal, or more tattooing. According to Healthline, laser therapy will help reduce the appearance of a tattoo blowout and get you the tattoo that you intended to have. Unfortunately, per the outlet, this procedure costs $463 in the United States. And, it’s typically not covered by private insurances because it’s seen as a cosmetic procedure (via Healthline).

A tattoo correction is the easiest and cheapest route to go. According to Authority Tattoo, a tattoo correction will take a couple of weeks as you will need to get tattooed over the blowout. However, the wait will be worthwhile as you’ll be saving money and you’ll get the original tattoo you intended to have, the outlet reported.

Your last option is surgical removal, which is the most invasive way to get rid of the blowout, according to Healthline. However, this procedure not only gets rid of a blowout, but also the tattoo as a whole, the outlet added. Plus, it’s also not covered by insurance, so it will cost you a pretty penny (via Healthline). If you are worried about getting a tattoo blowout, don’t be! Just research your tattoo artist and their credentials, and you’ll be fine.

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