Blac Chynas Mom Likens Kris Jenner to Kim Jong-un When Clarifying Her Threat Meant for Momager

Tokyo Toni compares the momager to the dictator as ‘she rules with all her daughters’ during the trial when she’s asked about the threat she made following her courtroom ban over her public rant against the Kardashians.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna‘s mom is reviving an old Kanye West dig at Kris Jenner. Tokyo Toni has likened the momager to Kim Jong-un when she clarified that her previous threat was actually meant for the reality star, not the judge.

While walking to TMZ’s paparazzi in Woodland Hills on Friday, April 22, Tokyo was asked about the said threat she made after she was banned from the courtroom over her public rant against the Kardashian-Jenner clan. “I wasn’t talking to the judge. I was talking about Kris Jenner,” she responded, before adding, “Kanye West said she was [Kim Jong-un], yeah. She rules with all her daughters in the courtroom while I’m not there.”

Tokyo further stressed that the “get that judge” threat was being misinterpreted. “I was talking about Kris Jenner that I was going to get her,” she clarified. The mother of the 33-year-old model also sent a message to the judge, “Team Blac Chyna! Be fair.”

Elsewhere during the quick chat, Tokyo shared that she’s been given clear instructions from her daughter’s lawyer to stop addressing the legal trouble on social media after making hurling insults against the Kardashians which led to her being banned from the court. “I never talked about the case [on social media],” Tokyo pointed out, before quipping, “I just talked about ugly people…the ducklings. That’s it.”

While Tokyo wasn’t allowed to attend the court trial, Kris took the stand on Friday and broke into tears while admitting she thought Blac was going to “murder” his son Rob Kardashian by pointing a gun at his head.

“He did say his shirt was ripped,” the 66-year-old reality star said of Rob, noting that she didn’t recall seeing any injuries on her son but “he was upset” and “hysterically crying.” She continued, “He was more upset than anything. It was a hectic situation. He was very upset and disheveled.” When the jury asked whether she believed Blac attempted to murder Rob, Kris confidently declared, “I do.”

“I was told she put a gun to his head. I was told she tried to strangle him with the phone cord and she was intoxicated,” Kris claimed. “I was told it was complete chaos. It was scary. It was a mess. She tried to murder him. She put a gun to his head. I had to really try to get over that.”

Kris claimed her security team, all of whom are former LAPD officers, helped to diffuse the situation and that “someone else” called child protective services. “It was complete devastation and turmoil. This was just a horrible situation. They couldn’t even be in the same room together,” she stated, before stressing, “I was traumatized.”

When giving her testimony on Thursday’s trial, Kris alleged that Blac, who shares her 9-year-old son King Cairo with Tyga, threatened to kill Kylie Jenner and Tyga. “That basically was what Kylie and Tyga told me. Kylie was dating Tyga at the time. I believe that’s where this aggression was coming from.”

When asked how many times Blac, whose real name is Angela Renee White, allegedly threatened her youngest daughter, Kris added, “You’d have to ask Kylie.” She then insisted that she never contacted the police over the threats because she “kept it internal between the family,” before reasoning, “I probably thought it was just some drama, which I’m used to.”

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