Davina McCall heartbroken by Sarah Harding blaming herself over late cancer diagnosis

Davina McCall's 'Long Lost Family' wins TV Choice Award

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Davina McCall, 53, has shared her heartbreak over reports which claimed Sarah Harding had given herself “a hard time” over not finding out she had cancer sooner. The television presenter spent time with Sarah during both Popstars: The Rivals and The Jump.

Davina said the last time she saw Sarah was when the singer competed in The Jump in 2016.

She told OK!: “I think the saddest thing is the last time I’d seen Sarah Harding was on The Jump, where she was a contestant.

“And, oh my God, such good fun!

“But I read somewhere that she’d given herself a hard time for not going to sort it out earlier. That, for me, is always the hardest thing.

“My sister was given a terminal diagnosis in hospital and gave herself a hard time for not doing something about it.”

Davina went on to explain that no one should feel shame over being diagnosed with an illness.

She explained: “There’s nothing like the look on someone’s face when they realise that what they’re being told is that there’s no treatment. This is palliative care from now on.

“And the idea that you would ever blame yourself for that is too much to handle.”

She concluded: “So we need to help people to find ways of detecting changes in their bodies but never shaming anybody – ever, ever, ever – and least of all shaming yourself, ever, if you get sick. It’s not your fault.”

Sarah Harding died on September 5 at the age of 39.

Sarah’s mother Marie announced news of her daughter’s death via a statement.

The pop star had shared her diagnosis in August 2020 when she explained the cancer had spread through her body.

Sarah’s Girls Aloud bandmates took to social media to pay tribute to their late friend.

In view of her 3.5 million followers, Cheryl penned: “Although we knew this day would arrive I am somehow still feeling at a loss for words that our stunning, unique, crazy, quirky, kind and soft hearted girl has departed.

“As I try to navigate my way through these painfully strange and horribly unfamiliar waves of disbelief & finality I am experiencing, I wanted to extend my condolences to all of our GA fans.

“We were like an extended family for so long and we know so many of you by name.”

She continued: “I wanted to make sure you knew just how much your love and continued support meant to Sarah through her most vulnerable times.

“She was so grateful and you really lifted her spirits when she needed you most.

“I also realize so many will be deeply affected by the circumstances of Sarah’s passing… I am sending you all so much love.”

She concluded her heartfelt message: “I love you Sarah… farewell. Sarah Nicole Harding forever in our hearts.”

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