Did you hear that ‘a door is being left ajar’ for Prince Harry and only Harry?

A few days ago, the Daily Telegraph had an article about the formalizing of the Sussexit deal and how Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will probably have to take off the “royal” from Sussex Royal. The point of the story was not that, though. The point of the Telegraph story was that “a door was left ajar for the Duke.” A door was not left ajar for Harry AND Meghan, mind you. But in one year’s time, if Harry agrees to abandon his wife and child and come crawling back to his bully brother and his rapist-protecting grandmother, Harry will find that a door has been “left ajar” for him to come back into the royal fold.

That’s where we are now. That’s the official messaging from Buckingham Palace and what I assume from Kensington Palace as well. It wasn’t just the Telegraph with that same message and that exact same wording either – “a door being left ajar for Prince Harry solo” was in the air and part of a lot of the Royal Rota commentary. They didn’t pull it out of thin air. For example, look at this curious statement from (you guessed it) Dan Wooten, the guy getting all of those suspicious leaks from Camp Cambridge.

More details surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure from the Royal Family have emerged. Harry and Meghan will formally step down as senior royals from March 31 and will no longer carry out duties on behalf of the Queen. However, the arrangements will be reviewed after 12 months with royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams telling talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton this may be the monarch “leaving open the possibility” for their return.

Mr Wootton told his listeners: “Prince Harry and Meghan will be turfed out essentially from March 31; no office at Buckingham Palace, no staff at Buckingham Palace. But what did interest me quite a lot about this announcement is that there is this one year Megxit transition period in which it seems like there’s a little bit of hope from the Royal Family that maybe, just maybe, Prince Harry will think ‘I’ve got it all wrong, I’ve made a terrible mistake, let me come back’. I think the chances of that right now remain low.”

[From The Daily Express]

The thing is, I absolutely do not doubt that this is the way the Queen thinks, and the way the fussy, musty courtiers think. They truly believe that if they play it right, if they are more strategic in their bullying and smears, maybe they can drive a wedge between Harry and Meghan to the point where just Harry will come back. It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

As for the continuing conversation about the Queen taking away the “royal” from Sussex Royal, one intrepid Fox News royal commentator – Neil Sean – has a source who claims that Harry and Meghan are actually quite torn up about it:

“After weeks of talks, the queen and senior officials are believed to have told the couple the term ‘royal’ is inconsistent with their ‘branding,’ U.K.-based media correspondent Neil Sean told Fox News on Wednesday. “This has not gone down well with the couple who truly thought they were fine with… re-branding themselves. Now the queen has other plans, too, which will make the ongoing push to be [independent] harder than they first thought.”

According to Sean, a palace source told him: “They have not banked on this move at all from the queen. What she has effectively done is close down any type of royal branding. This will create problems, particularly in the U.S. where the term ‘royal’ means so much in terms of branding.”

[From Fox News]

I honestly don’t think Harry and Meghan are sitting there, crying into their Subway veggie 12-inchers, thinking about how much money they’re going to lose because they can’t sell Sussex Royal tchotchkes. That being said, I actually don’t agree with the Sussex Squad on the whole “Harry and Meghan were totally prepared for this and they’re totally fine with it” argument either. I think the Queen and her people are petty AF and the royal-brand switch-up was probably a surprise to Harry and Meg.

— Peter Hunt (@_PeterHunt) February 19, 2020

— Peter Hunt (@_PeterHunt) February 19, 2020

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