Prince Harry got some face time with the Queen at two palace events

Prince Harry was at Buckingham Palace yesterday for two events with the Queen. It’s just another reminder that Harry has been keeping up a steady schedule since Private Archie was born several weeks ago – Harry has attended Lady Gabriella’s wedding, traveled to the Hague for the Invictus Games promotion, traveled to Rome to play polo for charity, and he’s done a handful of other events in England. I don’t think his lack of paternity leave is an issue, because as I’ve said before, the British press would have found some way to criticize him no matter what. If he had actually taken a month of paternity leave, there would be a million stories about how un-royal he is and how Meghan is to blame for… a father wanting to spend time with his baby. So now they’re basically saying that Harry has been abandoning Meghan and Archie on the reg. He can’t win. As for the events:

Prince Harry is joining forces with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The new dad, who welcomed son Archie Harrison with Meghan Markle on May 6, made his way from his home at Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage to Buckingham Palace in London on Wednesday – and he made the most of the 25-mile trip by fitting in two engagements.

The Queen and Harry, who is a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, first met with ICC Cricket World Cup team captains ahead of their opening party on the Mall. The ICC Cricket World Cup, hosted by England and Wales, will kick off on Thursday and see the top 10 teams from around the world compete. The participating nations include Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies – nine of which are from the Commonwealth.

After the meeting, the Queen and Prince Harry showed off their formal wear at the third Buckingham Palace garden party of the year. Despite cloudy skies (she recently confessed that weather is always a worry at these events), Queen Elizabeth brightened up the gathering in her light pink ensemble, complete with matching wide-brimmed hat. She was also prepared for the possibility of rain, walking around with an umbrella (that perfectly complemented her outfit) just in case.

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Harry has complained before about the formalwear of these kinds of palace parties, and I guess we’re saying that this is a morning suit? Sure. He probably hated it. But he enjoyed some face-time with the Queen, and that’s important, especially with people bending over backwards to embiggen Will and Kate at the expense of Harry and Meg.

Meanwhile, did you hear this story? Natalie Pinkham, a Sky Sports journalist, claims that Harry “ghosted” her after he got serious with Meghan. A source close to Pinkham told The Sun: “She is quite rightfully miffed. She has known Harry for years and was not only his drinking buddy, but his confidante. They were super close but it was purely platonic. When Harry got together with Meghan their relationship rapidly changed — it just went flat and noticeably cooled off.” She’s also mad that she wasn’t invited to his wedding, but the source also said, “Natalie feels Meghan is the sensible soulmate who will tame Harry’s wild side. Their once enjoyable cosy chats and meets at gatherings virtually came to an end and Natalie says that their relationship became regulated. Natalie thinks that it’s hard to gauge whether it was at Meghan’s own instruction or that of over-protective courtiers at Buckingham Palace that caused the change of their friendship.” I mean… this woman sounds like a casual acquaintance who didn’t even merit a wedding invite, but what do I know?

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