Wendy Williams Addresses Her Split From Beau Mike Esterman

Prior to this, the Maryland-based contractor confirmed in interviews that he and the 56-year-old star, who lives in New York, had called it quits as they drifted apart.

AceShowbizWendy Williams has set the records straight about her relationship status with Mike Esterman after the latter confirmed that they’re no longer trying to pursuit their love. During her appearance on “Daily Pop”, the TV host echoed Mike’s statement about their relationship.

“Mike is in Maryland. I like Mike but, you know, Mike lives three hours away from me,” she said on Tuesday, May 11. “People were so quick to invest in the ‘Oh my gosh! Wendy’s in love. Oh my gosh! She’s dating. She wants to get to married. She’s has a boyfriend, the whole thing.’ “

Despite the split, the 56-year-old star shared that it wouldn’t stop her from trying to find new love in her life. Telling the host, Wendy said that she “wouldn’t mind getting married again” and that she “would like to definitely have a boyfriend.”

Wendy also stated, “You know, it’s fun dating, but I would like to have one guy.”

Mike confirmed their split in a statement to Page Six. “She deserves to be with someone who may have more time,” so the Maryland-based contractor said on May 10, adding that they were “never an item after 3 dates.”

“I had placed all work-related tasks aside to get to know her on a personal level, no angles or hidden agendas,” he continued. “I can only wish her the best as we both continue the search at our own paces and remain friends in the process. I have enjoyed our times together and felt great to be able to make her laugh.”

In a separate interview with The Sun, Mike told the outlet, “It’s a busy time of the year for home improvement, I don’t know if I can give her what she wants. Nobody called it a day, there’s just no time to meet up. We talk when we can. I can’t hold her back from meeting someone who can give her more.”

“She’s allowed to meet others, we’re not in that type of relationship. She will find someone,” he clarified. “I have home projects, pool rentals starting now that things are opening up, requests for Mario [Lopez] and others are starting to come in for me to help with. I’m a workaholic!”

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