Wild Video of Two Men Saving Turtle From a Tiger Shark Attack

This sea turtle deserves to live after amazingly fighting off a hungry tiger shark — captured on video — just long enough for a couple of dudes to save his shell.

The 2 men were fishing in the waters around the Bahamas when they noticed the turtle desperately trying to escape the jaws of the shark … in fact, it looks like it was about to lose the battle. The razor-sharp teeth were biting into the back end of the shell, but the turtle was still trying to swim away.

The turtle then made a serious power move … trying to swim up onto the back of the boat. When the shark fell back for a moment, the fishermen sprung into action — they had just enough time to pick up the turtle.

It’s unclear if the guys waited for the shark to disappear … but they eventually released it back into the water. One helluva save, for sure!!!

BTW … tiger sharks are considered “the garbage cans of the sea” because they eat just about anything and especially sea turtles. Except this one.

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