I gave Tinder one last try but shouldn’t have bothered – I was fat shamed by a guy who only matched with me for a prank | The Sun

SHE hadn't had much luck on Tinder, but decided to give it one last try.

But one woman was left regretting her decision, after she matched with a man who did so solely to fat shame and insult her.

The woman took to TikTok to explain the situation, beginning: "So this is exactly why I don’t use Tinder any more.

"I thought I’d just have a little look on it last night and see what was on there and look what happened.

"So this guy matches me yeah, and then he goes and sends me the f**king Pure Gym website, and I’m like, ‘You cheeky b***h’."

At that point she wondered if he was referencing the fact that a lot of the pictures on her profile were taken in the gym.

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But he made his fat shaming intentions clear when he then sent her another message, which read: "Enter code 'fatty' for a 10% discount on your membership."

"And I’m like wow. This guy fully matched me just to insult me," she said.

She then sent him a reply which read: "Are you actually alright mate.

"You matched me just to insult me? What the f**k is wrong with you?"

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"Just motivating you," the man responded.

"One day you’ll thank me."

And she hit back: "Babe I think I’m alright.

"If you’re not blind you’ll see some of my pictures are in the gym and I’ve already lost a lot of weight as it is.

"So watch who you’re insulting. Silly p***k."

"Dating is messed up," one person commented on the video.

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"I had this and horrible other messages that actually made me cry (not a strong girl) some guys can be so horrible," another added.

"I’m so sorry, can only imagine how much of a dent that put in your mindset – happened to me before and completely threw me sidewards," a third wrote.

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