I’m a make-up pro, you’ve been putting foundation on the wrong way – but one easy swap will give you flawless coverage | The Sun

A MAKE-UP artist has revealed that most people make the same big mistake when putting on their foundation each day.

Beauty expert Kate O’Neal Talbert, who shares her top tips on her TikTok account @katetalbertmua, shared how people are ruining their coverage – as well as the simple swap that can fix it.

In a video posted to the social media platform, Kate explained: “The biggest make-up mistake that I see people make is this – and we’ve probably all done it.

“They take their foundation, they take their brush or sponge or whatever it may be, and they pick up some product and do this.”

Kate then used a sponge to work the foundation into her face by rubbing it in a downward motion onto her face.

She continued: “They drag and they rub – all it’s doing is pushing product off of your skin.

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Kate then said there’s an alternative method that not only stops this from happening, but also creates a flawless finish.

She continued: “You need to practice pressing product into your skin – this is a game changer. So let me show you the right way.

“I’m going to take a little bit of my foundation and just dot it on [using my fingers]. We just want some coverage right here.

“Then I’m going to take my brush and instead of dragging, or swiping, I’m pressing into my skin,” she says as she gently dabs.

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Once that part of the face is finished, Kate added: “Look how much better that coverage looks.

“This is going to give you better coverage, better longevity and it’s going to look like your skin.

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“This is the key if you’re dealing with things like texture and pores, a lot of it has to do with how you’re applying the make-up.

“I’m begging you – stop swiping, stop dragging, stop rubbing and practice pressing the product into your skin and you’ll be amazed at the difference.”

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