Mum explains how to get your kids to listen when they're being naughty WITHOUT yelling at them

A PARENTING expert and mum has revealed why children only listen when you yell at them and how to prevent yourself constantly having to do it. 

Tia Slightham, shared a video to her parenting coaching TikTok profile which has 381k followers to help other parents out. 

She revealed that in order to get your child on your side without having to yell, parents have to learn to set “concrete, clear, and consistent boundaries”.

In the video, she says: “Do you want to know why your kids don’t listen until you yell and lose your sh*t?

“Frustrating right? Because, you’re going to be shocked. Because you set that boundary. 

“Now, I am not pointing my finger at you, and I am not blaming you – but kids will do what works. 

“And because they’re born needing to push boundaries until boundaries are found.

If you ask nicely, you give reminders, you nag and then you finally lose your sh*t.

“They learn that they don’t need to listen the first time, they don’t need to listen when you’re nagging, or you’re reminding or you’re asking nicely multiple times. 

“They listen when the boundaries is set, and that boundary you set when you yell or lose your sh*t.

“So if you want to stop this cycle, we have to learn to set concrete, clear, consistent boundaries so your kids don't upfront what you need them to do, and also we need to work on your yelling.

“Shifting your parenting, to shift your child's behaviour.”

And her followers were thankful for the advice, with one writing: “Amen…this lady has figured it out.”

Another wrote: “We are totally working on this right now and have noticed massive improvements the last few weeks.” 

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