People think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Christmas card reveals a huge ‘bald patch’ and ‘massive feet’

Some praised the “romantic” black and white wedding shot while others thought it showed the Royal couple “turning their backs on the public” and Samantha Markle claimed it was a slight to her family.

But there was something else eagle-eyed fans spotted about the moody shot – Prince Harry’s hair.

Or rather lack of it.

One Twitter user tweeted: “Is Prince Harry going bald? #justasking.”

Another said: “I caught this photo at a certain angle and Harry looked bald on top – straight up George Costanza. Now I can't unsee it.”

A third added: “Seriously. The top of Harry’s head looks like it was a bald man they photoshopped a little hair onto.”

On Mumsnet, one user wrote: “Does he have a bald patch or is it the lighting/filter?”

A hair specialist recently revealed that Harry’s bald patch had DOUBLED in a year.

But others were worried about other aspects of the picture – including Harry’s feet and legs.

One wrote: “All I noticed was his big feet! Is he particularly tall?”

Another wrote:  “Long bendy weird leg alert! But still nothing compared to this, officially the most awkward Christmas photo ever chosen for a card.”

A third said:  “It's a really, really ugly image. Everything looks weird and out of proportion. Horrible.”

In November, Dr Asim Shalmalak from Manchester’s Crown Clinic, said Meghan could be to blame for Harry’s growing bald patch.

He said men who were content in their relationships take less care to hide their thinning hair.

Dr Shalmalak commented: “There has been a significant acceleration of his baldness in the last year and Harry is now losing his hair as rapidly as his brother William.


“The last year has been wonderful for Harry. While marital happiness does not bring about any hormonal changes which would affect hair loss, research shows that men in settled relationships tend to do less to disguise their baldness.

“It reflects nature and the need to find a partner. Once that goal is achieved there is slightly less incentive to cover up hair loss.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared their photo on the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In stark contrast to the stylist black and white shot, however, Kate and William shared a cosy family snap of themselves and their three children relaxing in the woods.

And it proved the thrifty couple's love of hand-me-downs.

It has been revealed that the couple will now celebrate Christmas at Amner Hall without Meghan and Harry, after the newlyweds turned down an invitation.

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