11 Texts People In Relationships Send Every Day That Are Way Too Cute

Sure, it’s fun to scroll through Instagram and see all the filtered couple photos people share on their public feeds. But you know what’s even better? Getting details about the day-to-day routine of real romantic partnerships. I’m always intrigued to learn about the smallest things, like the texts people in relationships send every day. It reveals a lot about their dynamic and the things they have in common, and it also shows just how different every single relationship is. There really is no “normal” when it comes to communication with your partner — it’s all about what works for you.

For instance, some couples check in pretty regularly throughout the day, maybe sending each other funny memes or updates about their morning at work. Others prefer to talk only when they’re not busy in the office. But regardless, when you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, you inevitably develop some kind of regular pattern of interaction. And many couples even have a go-to text they send to their partner every day, as a way of staying emotionally connected.

I asked real couples to share the daily texts they send to their significant other, and I honestly got some inspo for my own relationship in the process. These texts are all over the map — funny, heartfelt, or serious — but they all reveal fascinating details about the everyday stuff that makes relationships work.

Long Distance Love

— Shannon, 23

— Samantha, 25

Goal Getters

— Rebecca, 31

Just Checking In

— Iman, 24

Dog Lover Life

— Patty, 25

— Kate, 24

— Danni, 26

Food for Thought

— Hannah, 27

Twice Per Day

— Becca, 27

— Cortne, 26

Random But Fun

— Hannah, 26

Though these messages are very different, the sentiment is nearly the same — they’re all a way of showing love and appreciation for one another. And it’s these little inside jokes and routine questions that make a relationship successful, no matter how mundane they might seem.

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