‘Andrew’s cruel, Dami’s two faced, but controlling Luca is the biggest red flag’

In Lalalaletmeexplain's hit column, readers now get to feel like they watching TV's Love Island with her.

She uses her knowledge to analyse the episodes so we can learn from the cast's triumphs and mistakes.

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It's been another explosive week on Love Island where major f***boy behaviour was exposed under the sun. But it wasn't just the boys raising eyebrows in the villa – we're looking at you, Ekin-Su!

Here, Lalalaletmeexplain shares the biggest red and pink flags seen on Love Island in the last seven days…

"The theme of the week has most definitely been f***boy behaviour. Not all of them though. Davide grows on me every day; he's so unintentionally hilarious – and most importantly – honest. He messed around with Mollie, but he didn’t appear to lead her on and he’s been straight up with Ekin-Su about his feelings.

If anything, Ekin has been more of a f***girl than him. Thursday night saw her expressing her upset about Davide kissing Mollie, whilst failing to mention that she’d had a bit of a groping session with George in Casa Amor!

Luca has displayed weird behaviour around Gemma speaking to Billy and sharing a bed in Casa Amor. He said: “I thought we were 100% for each other”. It’s controlling and odd for him to have an issue with her talking to other men. Gemma has handled it perfectly by telling him “It will push me away.”

He’s too clingy and obsessive. I’m so glad that despite her age she has the maturity to address it properly. I really like her attitude.

Jay is emerging as the biggest game player of them all (in the sense of the actual game – there is 50k at stake after all). The way he has treated Chyna has been horrible. He feigned a connection with her so that he could stay in the villa and told her he only saw her as a friend the second he'd secured himself another week.

Andrew changed overnight. I empathise with his aversion to being treated like a mug, and I do think that Tasha has been waving the red flags for most of their relationship. He's been her safe bet, the one she comes back to when it doesn’t work out with someone else. But he lost the higher ground when he got intimate with Coco “Out of anger”.

It was a cruel way to treat Coco. He had no right to be so angry with Tasha when he had gone much further emotionally and physically with Coco than she had with Billy. Had he remained single he’d have had a leg to stand on.

To blame anger for making him do it is to deflect, he’s basically saying “I’m not responsible, it’s your fault, you made me do it”. He was also dishonest by pretending that he didn’t remember having Coco’s tit in his mouth “or whatever.”

Dami has really let me down. I had high hopes for him. He thought Indiyah was going to stay single which would have given him the upper hand to choose between two women, he and Jacques were on a similar vibe with this. His antagonistic behaviour when she walked in with Deji was very wild.

He's treating Summer as an option. He's also waved pink flags for being two faced. He hugged and comforted Paige when she was upset about Jacques, even though he had been actively pushing Jacques into Cheyanne’s arms. Indiyah is my favourite girl, she’s a heartbreaker, but she’s not disrespectful!

Billy sat on the bean bags with Gemma, laughing and teasing her about fancying him, flirting with her and fishing for compliments. There was something a bit icky about it, but I can’t put my finger on it."


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