Cat saves owner’s life after detecting cancer lump in stomach

A pet cat saved his owner’s life when it detected a lump in her stomach that turned out to be ovarian cancer.

Gill Kelly, 53, assumed her bloating and sudden bouts of exhaustion were down to the menopause.

But when her moggy Humbug leapt on to her stomach as she lay in bed one night she realised the agonising pain was a sign of something more sinister. The mum-of-two raced to her GP the next day and the doctor suspected the worst.

She said: “I was lucky. I caught it early enough that when I was diagnosed I was only at stage 1A.”

Now the former model has been asked to return to the catwalk for a charity fashion show which will raise money for Ovacome, an Ovarian Cancer charity, that supported both Gill and her mum who died from the disease after a seven-year battle.

Gill, from Huddersfield, West Yorks, said: “I’d done modelling from the age of ten to 18, but I never expected to return to it in such a fashion.

“But now I get to do it in memory of my lovely mum.”

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Gill’s lump was removed at St James’s Hospital, Leeds, and she was told she would not need any further treatments apart from monthly blood tests and check-ups at the Macmillan Unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital.

She added: “Ovacame helped me deal with the emotions and I’m able to see how lucky I was, that there was life after diagnosis — I just can’t believe it was all thanks to a cat.”

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