Erika Jayne’s Legal Adversary Bids on Her Home: It Should Be 'A Museum'

Erika Jayne’s legal woes have made headlines for years — but no one ever saw this twist coming! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s legal adversary Ronald Richards is attempting to buy her home in Pasadena, he confirmed to Us Weekly.

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“Yes, we put on offer on the home. It will be subject to overbids or any other buyer who wants to pay more,” the attorney, who previously worked as a trustee lawyer on the reality star’s bankruptcy case — and who is currently representing two lawyers suing her for fraud — tells Us, noting that he and his wife, Lauren Boyette-Richards, are “trying to spur interest in the house so someone ends up purchasing the house soon as the monthly debt service is eroding the equity. We think the house should be used as a museum for the public to see.”

The Beverly Hills-based lawyer, who put in a bid of $6.9 million for the home, adds, “The house was used previously for filming on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We will also take some depositions there and have public events. We will then rehab it and liquidate it. … We hope someone pays more if they want. We just want the asset liquidated for the Estate.”

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The Richards initially announced their intent via Instagram on Wednesday, July 14, with the attorney claiming that part of their reasoning for putting in their bid is “so our followers can see how the victims money was spent and to get a piece of the decadence.” Ronald is referring to the plane crash survivors who were allegedly embezzled out of their money by Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, who represented the victims at the time. (Erika, 51, has denied any knowledge of Tom’s alleged actions.)

For her part, the Pretty Mess author was floored by Richards’ pursuit to purchase the home she shared with Tom, who has Alzheimer’s and is now living in a senior living facility. Erika lives in Los Angeles.

“Uhhh how are you going to get this ‘museum’ past the homeowners association?” she replied to Ronald’s post. “I think they like their privacy.”

The Bravo star also derided the couple for their unwavering interest in her.

“I knew you and your wife were SUPER FANS…. This really confirms it,” Erika commented in a since-deleted message, asking Lauren, “Does it bother you that your husband is OBSESSED with me?”

The pair denied having any such emotions, with Lauren claiming they have “never even seen the show” and Ronald replying that he was just “a fan of justice!”

He also frequently tweets about the Girardis’ legal woes and has dug into other Housewives’ legal issues as well.

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The Pasadena property, which Tom, 83, purchased in 1980, is currently on the market for just under $8 million.

Erika filed for divorce from the Girardi & Keese cofounder in November 2020. Despite vehemently denying her involvement for over a year, Erika was sued again earlier this month, in a complaint obtained by Us that claims “Erika knew of the scheme, intended to participate in it and — critically — share in its profits, both directly and through her wholly-owned company, EJ Global.” The filing also alleges that “financial records show that more than $25 million of her own expenses were paid by Girardi Keese in furtherance of the Girardi Family Enterprise’s illegal scheme.”

Two days after the lawsuit was filed, the “XXX$PENSIVE” singer was forced to give up $750,000 diamond earrings after a judge ruled that Tom purchased them for her with stolen money.

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