‘Gross’ punter slammed for using urinal as bed in chaotic nightclub snap

A bloke left people 'grossed out' after he used a nightclub urinal as a bed.

Most people have a drunken memory or two, which usually consists of taking a traffic cone home as a souvenir or necking off with someone who you will never see again.

But this punter probably doesn't want to reminisce on how his wild night out ended.

Wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt, along with some navy trousers and loafers, the chap quite obviously needed a rest from the antics.

Instead of jumping in a taxi and going home to the comfort of his own bed, he decided to get a night’s rest inside the urinal.

And, to make matters worse, he opted to lay down sideways in the unpleasant bodily waste.

At least he appeared to be comfy in his urine laced bed as he popped his head on the bottom of it – but he might want to give his face a good wash after.

Originally posted online in 2017, the photo has been recently recirculated after it was posted onto Twitter account @clubphotos_.

It is safe to say that many people find it hysterically funny – or are just outright disgusted by the unhygeinic choice of bed.

One person commented: “Na this one is crazy.”

Another user gasped: “Jesus that’s f***ing gross.”

A third person chuckled: “I need a peg on my nose just thinking about this.”

Someone else mocked: “I’d rather die.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted: “Why not just lay on the floor honestly.”

Well, the floor did not look too appealing either as the dirt and wee left small puddles below…

This reveller isn't the only one to be roasted for their nightclub antics.

A woman and man were caught in a passionate smooch on the dancefloor and certainly left quite a bit of evidence behind of their lust filled moment.

Hilariously, the woman’s makeup had transferred onto the blokes face which left the obvious tell-tale marks of snogging.

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