I've been seeing a married man and he won't let me date anyone else | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE my lover being married, he insists that I can’t see anybody else.

He says he can’t bear the idea of sharing me, and that it would upset him too much.

He’s 45, I’m 39 and we’ve been sneaking around for more than three years.

We met when he started working in my office and we had an instant connection.

Now I can’t imagine life without him, but I know that he won’t leave his wife.

It’s really been getting to me recently, so I decided to join a dating app.

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I told him I didn’t expect him to care. But to my surprise, he got really angry.

He said I was his and that he felt sick thinking of me with someone else.

I feel so confused. How is this fair?

DEIDRE SAYS: Talk about double standards . . . I’m sure his wife wouldn’t be too happy with sharing him either.

This man is using you and trying to control you. You are gaining very little from him.

And let’s be clear about this, you are no one’s possession.

You would be far happier if you could move on and meet someone who is available and ready to commit to you.
My support pack Moving On should help.


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