F1 Japanese Grand Prix LIVE REACTION: Vestappen WORLD CHAMPION, Leclerc handed PENALTY on final lap in POOR conditions | The Sun

MAX VERSTAPPEN was named Champion of the World with victory in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen surrendered the opportunity to clinch a second successive championship win in Singapore last weekend.

The Red Bull driver came out on top in the Suzuka Circuit amid poor weather conditions .

Lando Norris took to Twitter to criticise the decision to resume as Verstappen came out on top.

Charles Leclerc was handed a penalty in the final lap, seeing Sergio Perez pushed up to second in an entertaining affair.


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  • Jack Drury


  • Jack Drury

    Leclerc drops to P3

    A penalty for Leclerc sees Perez pushed up to second, which means…

  • Jack Drury

    Race control note Leclerc incident

    Leclerc left the track in the final lap when holding off Perez, and the incident has been noted by race control.

  • Jack Drury

    Championship not quite secure

    With the shorter race, it's not quite enough to secure the championship for this season, but there was an eerie level of dominance on the track today.

  • Jack Drury

    Leclerc holds off Perez!

    Wow, what drama between these two!

    It wasn't tidy in the final few corners and he may actually be docked a position for that.

  • Jack Drury

    Verstappen wins the Japanese GP!

  • Jack Drury

    Final lap – Perez close to overtaking Leclerc

    The two just about avoid contact!

  • Jack Drury

    Final lap of the race!

  • Jack Drury

    3 mins to go – Alonso flying

    Just four seconds behind Russell now, with those new tyres working a treat.

  • Jack Drury

    7 mins to go – Perez catching Leclerc

    It's worrying for the Ferrari in 2nd, with Perez now firmly on his tail and pushing for a Red Bull 1-2.

  • Jack Drury

    8 mins to go – Alonso pits

    Alonso pits and exits in 10th, what can he do in the final few minutes here?

  • Jack Drury

    10 mins to go – Will anyone else pit?

    Zhou has set the fastest lap of the race after pitting, will that convince anyone higher up to take the risk?

  • Jack Drury

    13 mins to go – Hamilton can't overtake Ocon

    The pair almost touch down the pit straight, but Ocon remains ahead of the seven-time champion.

  • Jack Drury

    15 mins to go – Alonso pushing Vettel

    Two legends of the sport fighting for 6th at the moment, with the German winning the battle up to now.

  • Jack Drury

    17 mins to go – Ocon still holding of Hamilton

    A fascinating battle for 4th this, with Ocon still ahead at the moment.

  • Jack Drury

    20 mins to go – Leclerc considering stop

    Falling way behind Verstappen, Leclerc is considering another pit stop.

  • Jack Drury

    22 mins to go – Hamilton pressuring Ocon

    The Mercedes is looking for a way to get round Ocon, although the straight line speed advantage is helping the Alpine.

  • Jack Drury

    25 mins to go – Verstappen so clear

    7.5 seconds is the lead for the Dutchman. It won't be enough today for the championship, but it's just a statement of how dominant he is right now.

  • Jack Drury

    30 mins to go – Great start for Vettel

    After making the decision to pit during the race start, he currently sits in 7th.

  • Jack Drury

    33 mins to go – Verstappen back into first

    The Dutchman is back into the lead, with only Schumacher and Zhou not yet pitting.

    Leclerc sits five seconds behind Verstappen.

  • Jack Drury

    34 mins to go – Russell angry with Mercedes

    Russell is not happy with the decision to pit.

    Meanwhile, Schumacher, who sits in third, has been told they're hoping for a safety car.

  • Jack Drury

    36 mins to go – Intermediate's setting fastest sectors

    With news that the green tyres are the quickest, the top five all pit.

  • Jack Drury

    38 mins to go – Clean getaways

    The front pack get away well, with Verstappen leading from Leclerc.

    Latifi and Vettel pitted for intermediate's before the race began.

  • Jack Drury

    Back underway!

    With 40 minutes of racing, we are back underway!

  • Jack Drury

    Rolling start required

    The race will be underway via a rolling start.

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