Tyson Fury confirms he WILL fight Deontay Wilder in February to ‘finish what I started’ – The Sun

TYSON FURY has confirmed he WILL fight Deontay Wilder in February to "finish what I started".

The Gyspy King, 31, shared a video on his Instagram hitting back at the American's claims he is avoiding him.

Fury stoked the fire ahead of their February 22 clash calling the Bronze Bomber a "big bum dosser" after his WWE win last week.

Fury said: "This is a message to address Deontay Wilder's recent comments on 'how I don't want to fight him'.

"Ooh, how afraid of him I am…

"If I was afraid of you I wouldn't have fought you after having three years out of the ring and beaten you in your own country.

"They had to rob me and give you a draw, so I don't know why on Earth you'd think I was bothered with you.

"Just get through your fight with Ortiz, do your own thing, stop using my name for relevance…

"You should be on 20 per cent, but you're not – I'm giving you a fair share, because I'm a fair man.

"I don't ask for anything in this world. I work hard for everything.

"So the thing is with you, Wilder, crack on with your own business and I'll see you February 22 to finish what I started.

"This time you're gonna get smashed, you big bum dosser. End of."

Wilder had believed Fury was using the WWE match as an excuse to pull out of a rematch with him.

He exclusively told SunSport: “I’m not surprised he got into WWE.

"We'd been saying this a long time ago that he’s gonna try it, he’s been making excuses about the rematch.

“Now he’s got into the WWE, he’s gonna get ‘injured’ make up excuses and lo and behold we already hearing about he sprained his ankle.

“But yeah he’s messing around with those big guys, but I do not want to hear no excuses, none, no excuses.”

And Wilder, who last night took part in an open workout ahead of his rematch against Luis Ortiz this month, told Sky Sports: "I understand him running, he can run, run, run as far as he can, but he got to remember, he signed the contract and when you sign something, anybody know that the pen is a silent warrior.

"You’re going to have to pay consequences to get out of that."

But following his WWE win, Fury hinted at the fight, saying: "I've got a big fella called Deontay Wilder to see to February 22, and then we'll see where we go from there [about another WWE fight]."

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