Coronation Street spoilers: Sharon Bentley seduces Dev Alahan in sick scheme to get to Simon Barlow

SHARON Bentley seduces Dev Alahan as part of her twisted scheme to track down Simon Barlow next week in Coronation Street. 

The aunt of drug dealer Harvey – who is played by Tracie Bennett in the ITV soap – is being blackmailed into finding out Simon and Leanne's location.

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Next week, Sharon sets her sights on Dev and his son Aadi as she comes up with a new plan to trace Simon’s gamertag and find out his location. 

Viewers will see Sharon invite Dev to share a glass of wine and, as the evening comes to a close, pretend she’s left an earring at his house. 

When Dev hands her his keys, Sharon can’t believe her luck. 

Later, Sharon lets herself into Dev’s house and messages Simon from Aadi’s console. 

When Dev returns, Sharon plants a seed of doubt in his mind about Aadi’s violent gaming and convinces him to ban him from his console for a week.

 Later in the week, Sharon invites herself around to Dev’s for another drink and persuades him to head out to the shops. 

Viewers will then see Sharon logging onto Aadi’s gaming console and sending a message to Simon asking him where he is. 

Meanwhile, Natasha discovers that Sam has been in touch with Nick and confiscates his phone. 

Sharon does some digging and discovers that Sam and Natasha are due to have tea with Gail, tipping off Harvey about the meeting. 

As Sam approaches Gail’s house, Harvey’s thug Noddy lures him into his van, slams the door shut and drives off. 

Sharon watches in horror from Rita’s flat, aware that she’s committed an awful crime. 

Meanwhile, Natasha notices that Sam has gone missing and asks around. 

Later, Natasha calls the police to report Sam, while Sharon feigns concern. 

Will Sam be okay?

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