Corrie’s Sinead Tinker makes shock decision which leaves family reeling

In tonight’s Coronation Street, Sinead tells Daniel her mate Steff only has days to live, after Daniel furiously blames the dying woman for steering Sinead away from having chemotherapy.

Ken offers to give them a lift to the hospital, meanwhile Beth tries to help Sinead by researching into a specialist cancer clinic in Germany, but realises it would cost thousands of pounds.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Ken that Sinead has been skipping appointments, after which she is told the cancer has spread and she needs to start chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Daniel accompanies her and she tells him she is sorry, revealing that Ken has secretly been paying for her complementary treatment.

Sinead tells Beth the news, and, as Carla takes money from the safe, Beth remembers the combination, perhaps for a future plan.

She eyes up the money in the safe but is interrupted by Kirk, who becomes suspicious of her.

After she fears being rumbled, she tells Chesney he should steal the takings from work and pretend he was mugged to fund the treatment.

Meanwhile, Brian offers Liam a role in the nativity, but Brian’s nasty boss Phil orders him to rewrite it by the morning after watching the dress rehearsal.

Brian goes to make a start but suddenly faints due to stress and being overworked, he collapses and hits his head on a table.

Liam finds him unconscious in the staff room and Phil helps him to his feet, taunting Brian that teaching may not be for him if he is so stressed.

Brian assures him she is committed to the profession.

Also tonight, Jenny is suspicious when Liz asks if she can slip away for an hour, as she is concerned she is meeting up with Johnny, her hubby.

But Liz meets up with Mike, as they go out for dinner, and Jenny is pleased to see them kissing outside the cab office, after she tracks Liz on an app.

Later, Liz blows off plans with Eileen for dinner with Mike at the bistro, and later Eileen tells Jenny she has been taken ill.

But Jenny, of course, knows Liz’s whereabouts and tells Eileen to pop over to the bistro for a favour, meaning Liz has to take a dive under the table to avoid her mate.

Finally, Toyah is furious to hear that Nick is moving into their flat.

Nick and Leanne are later shocked to find Toyah and Imran canoodling on the sofa.

Taya drops a bombshell that Imran is moving in too – can she turn Nick off the move?

Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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