Emmerdale fans in tears as Jimmy King makes heart-breaking decision about son Carl

EMMERDALE fans were left in tears as Jimmy King gave up his custody fight for son Carl as he prepared to plead guilty for Paul’s murder. 

Carl’s biological mother Juliette Holiday turned up out of the blue back in January and demanded custody of him.

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Jimmy and Nicola were financially stretched by the legal battle, but vowed to fight for their son.

But things got a whole lot worse when Jimmy realised he was facing death by dangerous driving charges after hitting the barn and causing Paul Ashdale’s death.

In tonight’s episode, things finally got on top of Jimmy as Carl continued to refuse to speak to anyone. 

When Juliette managed to get through to Carl and get him to talk in the cafe, Jimmy was stunned by the breakthrough. 

Juliette explained that Carl thought everything was his fault, from Nicola and Jimmy arguing, to Jimmy pleading guilty to his charges and potentially heading to prison. 

Jimmy then returned home and broke the news to Nicola that he’d suggested that Carl should stay with Juliette – and that they’d agreed for him to go for three weeks.

Nicola was aghast and, speaking about the custody battle, she said: “Three weeks? Have you any idea what that will look like if we go to court.”

“He doesn’t need us, we’re doing this to him. He thinks it’s his fault that we’re rowing. Juliette said that that’s why he shut down. He heard me this morning saying I was going to plead guilty,” Jimmy explained.

“So then don’t. We can help him through this. There’s still loads of stuff we haven’t tried,” Nicola pleaded.

But Jimmy replied: “This is helping him. Taking him out of the situation.” 

“This is his home. I’m his mum,” Nicola said.

“He wants to go,” Jimmy insisted.

Nicola begged Jimmy to reconsider, pointing out that Carl is only six years old and can’t make such a huge decision. 

But Jimmy refused to budge, and headed upstairs to pack Carl’s bag as Nicola burst into floods of tears.

Emmerdale fans were devastated for Nicola.

One tweeted: "'I know who you think Jimmy's ridiculous but he's still my Husband' Aw Nicola."

Another added: "Aww Nicola #Emmerdale"

A third chimed in: "Nicola needs to beat some sense into Jimmy before it’s too late."

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