Selling Sunset's Maya Vander says cast was 'shocked' over Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley's divorce

SELLING Sunset star Maya Vander revealed the cast was “shocked” over costar Chrishell Stause and her husband Justin Hartley’s divorce after only two years of marriage. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Maya revealed Season Three of Selling Sunset, which premieres on Netflix on August 7, will feature her fellow real estate agent Chrishell’s divorce from the This is Us star. 

Maya told The Sun: “It was a shock to all of us. I felt really bad. We just tried to be there for her as much as we could.

“Sometimes people don’t necessarily want to talk about what’s going on in their lives. You have to be there for them and let them know that we got their back.”

The mother of two added: “We’re always there to listen and help. She’s going to deal with it her own way.”

Though Maya “didn’t know” how much Chrishell filmed of the divorce, as the women “didn’t film a lot of scenes together,” the trailer for Season Three did touch on the split. 

In a preview, Chrishell broke down over the divorce, claiming she was blindsided over the filing.

The actress-turned-real estate agent told her friend Mary Fitzgerald: “I’m just kind of in shock with it all.”

Mary responded: “He just blindsided you?”

Chrishell nodded her head yes, adding: "It's just a lot all at once because everybody in the whole world knows.

“I love him so much. This was my best friend. Who do I talk to now?”

Chrishell also walked out of her costar Christine Quinn's wedding and said: "I don't want to do this anymore."

The former soap star added in a second trailer: “The crazy way in which this went down, people want answers. I want answers.”

Justin filed for divorce from Chrishell in November 2019 after two years of marriage.

He cited irreconcilable differences and listed their separation date July 2019.

He is now dating their former The Young and the Restless costar and Chrishell's former friend Sofia Pernas. 

In addition to Chrishell’s divorce, Selling Sunset will also feature Christine Quinn’s “amazing” and “fun” wedding to her husband Christian Richard. 

Why did Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause divorce?

THIS Is Us star Justin Hartley is divorcing Chrishell Stause after two years of marriage.

Stause, who stars on the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, said she was blindsided by her husband's filing.

Hartley is now dating his former Young & The Restless co-star Sofia Pernas.

And of course, the Netflix hit will also show drama among The Oppenheim Group’s real estate agents, including owner Jason Oppenheim’s favoritism towards his ex-girlfriend Mary. 

Maya explained: “We’re going to talk about the relationship and dynamic of the office.

"The favorite of Jason slightly towards Mary with their history together. We’re going to have some conversations of that.”

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