Who is Jay Brown in EastEnders and will he end up dating Ruby Allen?

But who is Jay and what have been his biggest storylines so far?

Who is Jay Brown in EastEnders?

Jay Brown – sometimes also Jay Mitchell – is a character from BBC One soap EastEnders.

The character is played by Jamie Borthwick.

Jay has been on the Square since 2006 when he arrived as the son of Jase Dyer.

Jase was killed by a football firm in 2008 after they kidnapped Jay.

He managed to rescue his son but was beaten to death.

Following his dad’s death, Jay was taken in by the Mitchell family, initially by Billy and then by Phil.

He became close friends with Ben Mitchell and began a relationship with Abi Branning.

Abi and Jay dated for several years and were even engaged but split when Jay realised he had developed feelings for Lola Pearce.

He currently lives with Billy, Billy’s estranged wife Honey Mitchell and their kids Janet and William.

What have been Jay Brown’s biggest storylines in EastEnders?

Jay was famously involved with the death of Heather Trott who Ben accidentally killed by hitting her over the head with a picture frame.

Jay and Phil tried to cover up Ben’s guilt which lead to Jay being sentenced to community service for perverting the course of justice.

In April 2016 Jay’s life was turned upside down when he discovered that his girlfriend – Linzi Bragg – was actually an underage schoolgirl.

When her mum found out about their relationship, she reported Jay to the police.

He was made to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register and was ostracised by many of the locals – including Phil who didn’t want a ‘nonce’ around his daughter, Louise.

Will Jay Brown and Ruby Allen end up together?

Jay clearly has his eye on Ruby and asked her on a date in November 2018.

But Ruby – who is still dealing with the trauma of being raped on a night out – said she was too busy.
Fans have called for them to get together but how would Ruby react if she discovered Jay is on the Sex Offenders’ Register?

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