Balaclava-wearing tot forced to pose with samurai sword in shocking video

SHOCKING video shows a small child forced to wear a balaclava and pose with a samurai sword.

The barefoot boy – who looks no more than four – is clutching a deadly weapon twice his own size in a clip circulated on social media.

He has been forced to pose in gangster style on a living room sofa and looks mournfully at the camera as he is filmed.

Two grown men can be heard speaking in London street slang while R&B music plays in the background.

The disturbing clip emerged as cops faced growing pressure to step up searches to halt the growing epidemic of knife attacks in the capital.

Former policing minister Mike Penning said many cops have given up frisking suspects after new rules to stop them unfairly targeting black and ethnic people.

The MP told The Sun on Sunday: “Feral youngsters are rampaging around our streets because they know they are not going to be stopped and searched."

Last year searches fell by 21 per cent while knife crimes rose 20 per cent.

A total of 39 people aged under 19 died from attacks with blades in 2017 — the highest number of knife fatalities since 2008.

And there was an increase of a third in knives being used to commit rape and sex assaults.



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At the weekend we told how teen thugs are filming knife ambushes and posting videos on Snapchat in a sick new trend.

Last month footage showed a machete gang attack on a man as he desperately sought shelter in a car in Barking, East London.

Communities in Greater Manchester said they were being terrorised by feral knife gang thugs as young as ten.

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