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Boy, 5, who doesn’t want to be circumcised hides on roof in heartbreaking photo

A five-year-old boy who couldn't bear the thought of being circumcised fled from his parents and hid on a roof.

The boy was due to undergo the procedure, typical among five-year-old Muslims in Indonesia, but ended up giving his parents a real headache when he climbed up the roof and stayed there a whole two hours.

A picture of him, bearing a navy short-sleeved t-shirt and some shorts, was posted by his stunned doctor, who said she had never seen anything like it in 20 years' experience.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, the doctor, named as Anik Sutari, relayed how the whole saga unravelled.

She said: “Throughout my professional history, out of the 20 years I have been doing circumcisions and the thousands of children I have circumcised, this is the first time I’ve seen a child flee to the top of the roof.”

The doctor goes on to say that "everyone" tried to persuade the five-year-old to come down the roof so he could undergo the sacred ritual.

No one, however, dared to join him on the roof for fear he would try to escape and hurt himself.

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It was a whole two hours before the parents had the ingenious idea to call his teacher, who the doctor billed as a "guru".

The child was soon persuaded to climb off the roof to be circumcised.

“And even more miraculous …… the child walked alone to the place where the circumcision was going to take place and positioned himself for the procedure, without being led or forced by anyone.”

She went on to say the boy also showed no resistance to the procedure, which didn't last more than 10  minutes.

He also marvelled Dr Sutari as he didn't cry or complain about the pain.  

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